diary of a happy {pregnant} white woman: chapter seven

DUDE! i am a flippin waterfall these days!
{well starting yesterday}
movies, songs, videos of bennett, EVERYTHING!
ive cried THREE TIMES today.
like tears rolling down my cheeks and honestly there were a few shoulder heaves involved.

am i in need of a "good cry"?
it has been quite awhile....
you know what i think?
i think this second trimester is bringing with it this girl i once knew called
yeah, you might know her.
personally, i havent seen her in QUITE awhile, but apparently she is back and back with a vengeance.
i seem to actually be experiencing EMOTION and FEELING and something other than BLAH.
and if this is any sign, which i do believe it is, i have worked/played/blogged on the computer TWO DAYS IN A ROW!

and my google reader is empty.

im baaaaaaaack!



  1. welcome back, Nat!

    loved seeing you two (three!) today!!!

  2. Awww Nat - I love you! So glad you're back!! And since you texted me about 2 hours ago what the sex is (I am waiting for the blog reveal to mention this news), I wonder if that has anythign to do with the EMOTIONAL and FEELINGS Natalie?! :)


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