its a.....

oh yes, that is correct

to say we are shocked is an understatement.
my mother in law is already asking for a "second opinion ultrasound" :)
seems weve broken the "roe rule" of having only boys...


here are the thoughts/feelings/things that have been said today in no particular order:
  • holy moly do what?
  • "keep looking i promise there is a penis in there somewhere!"
  • pink? bonnets? panties? baby dolls? my little ponies? {do girls still play with those???}
  • she is going to have the big brother i never had!
  • bennetts going to have a sister who will show him what girls are really like, like his daddy never had!
  • "i guess i need to get {our financial adviser} on the phone and start a wedding fund, huh?"
  • no way! NO WAY
  • "oh buddy.  here we go..."
  • "you get to sew girl clothes now! youre going to need a sewing room!"
  • she, she, she, SHE {im STILL not used to saying that...she has been a HE since day one in the way i talk about/refer to HER}
  • in the car this morning on the way to MDO before the doctors appointment: "do you think the baby in mommy's tummy a girl or a boy bennett? boy or girl?", bennett answers "hmmm {with eyes rolling to top corner of eye like he is thinking very hard...seriously} boy? girl?" "yes.  do you think you are having a sister or a brother? a girl or a boy?" "girl. baby tummy girl momma." "a girl?" "uh huh. girl momma tummy. BOY bennett tummy" "{snickering} no bennett you dont have a baby boy in your tummy.  boys dont have babies.  mommies have babies" "momma baby GIRL tummy.   SIS-tur".      .......well that settles it!
  • and then this afternoon, in the car after picking bennett up from MDO: "bennett, the baby in mommy's tummy is a girl! you are having a little sister!" "tirsty momma.  water! sip mommas water!"  "bennett the baby is a girl! are you excited? you are a big brother and the baby is your little SISTER!"  "no nap momma.  AWAKE. watch thomas sofa. AWAKE."   .....so i guess THAT settles it. :)
  • to the nurses waiting on a certain sample from me: "im so sorry but i think im in shock that im having a girl and i just cant 'go'!!! nothing!"  ladies laughing and one nurse leans over and almost falls out of her chair: "we only need like four drops."  me:"ive got nothing! nothing! let me go drink the rest of this gargantuan bottle of water and ill be back!"  nurses:"good luck! {more laughing AT me}"
  • shock shock shock shock...that word has been used and ABUSED today.  im sure everyone in the waiting room was annoyed from my repeated use of it over the phone and im sure everyone reading is annoyed as well...heck IM annoyed with myself!!!  i really wish though that i could convey the nearly scientific FACT ive been presented with since i met stephen that "all roes ever have is boys!"  lets just say my family is NOT as shocked...i mean i was one of three :)
  • i get to take my daughter on "girls trips" like i always went on with my mom and sisters
  • i have a daughter
  • this little girl doesnt know it yet, but she will be very friendly with trucks, bugs, dirt, guns, frogs, and sticks.  she honestly doesnt have a choice.
  • she cant wear any of bennetts cutie pie baby boy clothes!!!
  • but i get to go buy tons of cutie pie girlie clothes!!!
and here are some more glamour shots

DSC_3779 copy
DSC_3780 copy
DSC_3782 copy
DSC_3781 copy
DSC_3772 copy 2



  1. Congrats! animals and little kids, they know everything! since eric won't let me use my girl names I won't get mad if you name her pepper, birdie or olive.

  2. They look just alike in their ultrasound!! awww she's gonna be such a cutie pie!!!

  3. Congrats. I have one of each and it's so wonderful to have a boy to look out for his baby sister and a girl to teach her brother that they aren't all that complicated.

  4. Congratulations Natalie! How exciting for you all =) Can't wait to hear what name you all decide on!

  5. Congratulations! That is so exciting!

  6. So happy for yall! It is truly wonderful to have one of each! I know you are so so happy!

  7. Ahhhhhh! So excited for you. Can't wait to see what you dream up for the nursery.

  8. SO Excited for you! Girls are so so much fun:-)

  9. Ahhh!!!! So excited for you guys!!! You are going to have so much fun with a girl. I think it's great that you & Stephen are getting to experience a boy AND a girl!!! Girls sure do love their daddy...I know Stephen will eat it up.

  10. so i already said this, but i'll say it again ... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am sooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!! um, ok maybe 98% excited and 2% jealous? or like 95/5? HA! just kidding! so happy for a little girl cousin!!! since you broke the roe all-boy curse, that gives me hope!!! i can't wait till the little miss arrives!!! now i have a baby girl to buy for! yay!!!

  11. I still canNOT believe it!!!!! I can't wait to have a little fluffy pink lacy frilly girly GIRL!!!! Bennett is going to be so good with her :)

  12. Yay! Having both is SOOO much fun!

  13. Oh Natalie! Get ready! I can't wait to read all about having one of each!!

  14. Ahhhh....loving your wonderful news; loving your beautiful family and seeing HER ten little fingers and toes :)

  15. BABY GIRL ROE!!! WAHOOO!!! I love this news and I am so excited for you three...Cant wait to meet this precious baby girl - that I can tell will be showered with love and more clothes then you'll know what to do with - FUN!! :)

  16. Soo exciting!! She's going to be so cute and so spoiled!

  17. Congratulations!! Soooo exciting! I wouldn't know what to do if I was having a girl either, but it will be absolutely wonderful! I love reading your blog by the way!

  18. I love it! Bennett will be sweet baby girls protector! How adorable. I know ya'll are excited :)

  19. SO FUN!! I know she will be precious, just like her big brother!

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  21. congrats natalie! and yes, my little ponies are still quite the rage with the girls. sylvia was the first girl in 5 something generations in Andrew's family. I like to say that I broke the curse;) Have fun!

  22. Oh wow - what exciting news for your family. You are going to love having a little girl (and shopping for one). Congrats on the great news - most of all that she is healthy.

  23. NO WAY!!! so excited for you and your family - how. much. FUN. As the oldest of three girls, I ALWAYS wanted a big brother!!! you give me hope - makes me wonder since this pregnancy has been different...if I have a chance? ;)

  24. a little girl!!!! how wonderful...congrats!!!!!

  25. YOU WILL LOVE IT! How sweet to have a big brother to take care of his little sister...I am a little sister and it is the best! Congrats Natalie! And yes, You are in trouble...they are expensive! :)

  26. still can't believe it... every time you say "she" or "her" it throws me for a loop! :)


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