here we go...

{note: every time you see the word "BIIIIIIG" think of it in an as-deep-of-a-voice-as-a-two-year-old-can-make kind of voice and "little tiny" is in a really squeaky and high pitched voice}

when driving past a house that had tons of those huge tall evergreen cone shaped trees out front {cedars?}:
"oooooo momma BIIIIIIG green carrots!!! BIIIIIIIG green carrots"

when driving past an enormous house, and then the normal sized house that was dwarfed next to it:
"BIIIIIG big house momma - and little tiny house."
{everything is BIIIIG or little tiny these days}

when i told him we were going to meet some of his friends at mcdonalds for lunch:
"ummmmmmm go eat e-i-e-i-o? old macdonalds e-i-e-i-o lunch momma with meryl"

when we were reading his bible this morning:
"little tiny baby jesus momma. hold him! hold baby jesus momma!"
well you cant really hold baby jesus bennett, but you can talk to jesus any time you want. that is why we say our prayers.
"hold baby jesus right now? gentle. gentle baby jesus"
well we cant hold him but we can talk to him.  do you want to talk to him?
"baby in mommys tummy.  baby jesus in bennetts tummy"
{stifled laughter} no only mommy's have babies in their tummies.  but bennett has jesus in his heart and so does mommy and daddy and everybody has jesus in their hearts.
{frantically grabbing his tshirt at his chest} "get baby jesus out now momma! hold baby jesus right noooooow!"
and then i admitted to myself that i might be in over my head so we continued on to "read abraham animals and boat" {aka noah and the ark - he thinks every man with a beard in his bible is "abraham"}

as we were in the car leaving his friend rose's house, and rose's mommy, who is nearly 90% of the time referred to as "rose's mommy", was outside:
"see ya later jill. byebye. see ya later" and waving casually

{my apologies to those who might be offended by this next statement...i have learned not to be offended by these things and i think its hilarious so im posting it :)}
laughing and pointing when he saw my tummy yesterday and my newly re-designed belly button thanks to a fast-growing baby sister:
"ooooooo mommy has little tiny wiener on tummy! little tiny one!!"

in the car on our way home to take a nap:
"no take nap. go grocery store? go grocery store right now momma.  get milk, carrots, medicine.  and dinner!  get dinner at grocery store!"
good try buddy.  gooooood try

"bennetts turn" listening to some annoying kids music on the ipod today, {we take turns between mommy's music and bennetts music.  so far this is working pretty well} and then it switches to some nice "praise baby" music:
{feet kicking, pointing behind him to the speakers, typical spur-of-the-moment fit about to ensue} "noooooooooo listen this momma! no no no no no! bah bah black sheep! bah bah black sheeeeeeeep!"
no we just listened to bah bah black sheep.  lets listen to this music now.  just listen to it for a second and you might like it {please for the sake of your momma's ears and brain please just listen to this for a sweet precious second}
after listening for a second:
"sweeeeet music momma.  baby marianne* sweet music.  goo goo gah gah music"
*rose's new baby sister, and yes, he said "goo goo gah gah".  i have NO idea where that came from...

oh! almost forgot!
running from his playroom this morning while i was getting dressed:
"tee tee potty momma!!!"
ok im coming! good boy bennett! {to help him with his pants/underwear - hes not dexterously coordinated enough yet to do it himself...}
"no! tee tee by self! tee tee poooottttty momma!!!!!" {while excitedly high-step running toward me}
and he did. 
there stood my half naked boy who had, for the first time, gone to the bathroom completely by himself while being fully clothed. {he always goes by himself if he is already unclothed...}

this was one proud momma.

next on bennetts dexterity to-do list: ship-in-a-bottle construction
{i just know it}



  1. ahhh....i am laughing, smiling, cracking up....enjoying the chronicles of bennett! not sure which one amuses me most, but quite a list! green carrots, hold baby jesus, abraham, wiener, go grocery store....
    'leaps and bounds' continues to come to mind:)

  2. all of those are so funny, especially the belly button. classic boy!

  3. YAY! I was hoping you would write a post today to entertain me at work. And what a hilarious one. He is such a funny little boy..gotta love him. PS-you'll like the face that before we watched American Idol, Bennett had me read his 4, yes 4!!, books! And he sat in my lap for them all!

  4. fact, not face. and him, not his. oops

  5. Hahahhahaahhahahahahah! Love ya'll, La

  6. laughed the whole way through...to be a fly on your walls!

  7. so funny. Once MSN and I had a conversation about the devil... talk about in over my head...way!!! I hope I will be better prepared next time :/

  8. LOVE these conversations...priceless! I love the wiener...i'll be laughing about that all week!

  9. Your bellybutton/wiener just made my day! haha

  10. oh that boy is hilarious.... LOVED this post!!

  11. I agree---will be laughing (and repeating) the belly button wiener real soon!!! By the way---goo goo, gah gah probably comes from Dora the Explorer---Brennan's favorite episode is called Super Babies, we have it on DVR, and they say quite often, "goo goo, gah gah!! Thanks for sharing!!


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