i cant come up with a witty or not-boring title...or im too engrossed in tuesday night tv to come up with one...either way, here is my post

this weekend we headed up to montgomery to help host a baby shower for one of my best friends and college roommate, kat, and her husband tony.  since stephen happened to be off this weekend, we decided to make a family affair out of it and bring bennett.  some good friends of ours, who we havent seen since the babies were born {they had a little girl a couple months before we had bennett}, offered to keep bennett while we went to the shower/party saturday night.  as if that wasnt enough, they threw in a last minute invitation to have all three of us stay at their beautiful home in wetumpka, only twenty minutes outside montgomery.

to say we jumped on the invitation would be an understatement. in my mind, this meant better sleep for bennett, better sleep for his parents, more visiting time with old friends, and a constant "playdate" for stephen while i hung out with my gals {kat and mandy...i know you have heard of them before :)}.

bennett was dressed in his finest {with hair to match thanks to daddy} on the ride up

DSC_0157 copy
and was a happy boy thanks in major part to a long nap and a portable dvd player filled with wonders like toy story, cars, but mainly THOMAS {duh}.
after a delicious, but exhausting-when-it-comes-to-bennett dinner with kat and her husband tony, we took a pass-the-point-of-exhaustion two year old up to wetumpka for bed.
and upon arrival, bennett and his new friend addison ran around like overly-sleepy two year olds do until PAST TEN OCLOCK.  no lie.  we are such marvelous parents.
and if you think this would mean they just sleep later in the morning, you must not have children :)
the babies were both up and ready to go by eight.
DSC_0165 copyDSC_0167 copy

after breakfast we headed outside and let the kids hit up the pool, while we adults constantly changed positions in order to stay dry {two kids in a baby pool = lotsa splashing}.
DSC_0179 copy
DSC_0188 copy
DSC_0175 copy
DSC_0203 copy
when naptime arrived i headed out for some quality girl time, mani-pedi style.
when i arrived back at tyler and kelly's house, i learned the kids never napped - which was surprising bc they played their guts out that morning.  i guess there was just too much excitement going on.

that night we attended the baby shower, which was more like a couples party with dinner where they opened presents. :) good times.
i knew right away what i wanted to do for my best friends first baby: a quilt/blanket that would last years after the "baby" stage {i.e. not be pastel...even though i LOVE me some baby pastels...}.

this was my second "quilt" type thing to make, and i use the term "quilt" quite loosely.  i really have no idea the proper way to make a quilt, but here is what i did for this one {and the ones i made my sisters this past christmas}.
for both, i gathered a bunch of fat quarters of fabric i loved.  for the baby one i cut each fat quarter into four pieces to make smaller squares.
then i arranged them as desired, and sewed them together in rows, then sewed the rows together.
it was definitely easier the second time around {the baby quilt} as i knew areas where i messed up on my sisters and was able to prevent it from happening again {sorry to my guinea pig sisters...}.
with my sisters, i used an organic batting and backed it with a solid piece of fabric.  for the baby quilt i just used fleece, which gave the quilt the desired thickness without having to use batting {thank you for that recommendation, lady at hancock fabrics}.
DSC_0152 copy
for my sisters i just sewed some straight lines down a few of the seams to attach the batting and backing to the front, but for the baby one i sewed diagonals across the entire quilt, every square.
DSC_0153 copy
this gave it more of a "quilt" look vs my sisters, which is more like a blanket.
i then used the pre-packaged double fold binding to bind it.

one day ill learn how to do a "real" quilt, but for now im enjoying making these
DSC_0146 copy

i have enough fabric of both to make myself one of each, if i ever get around to it  :)

back to the shower/party {bc it was both}
i laughed a WHOLE lot saturday night reminiscing about our college days {to the point that my mouth literally hurt from so much smiling}, and sunday morning after another great sit down breakfast we headed back home.

bennett did NOT want to leave
DSC_0212 copy
and locked himself in addisons jumpy thing for good measure

we eventually got him out, said our goodbyes, drove home, and all took much needed
mine just happened to last as long as bennetts.....




  1. I love the final result of the quilt!! And I am still obsessed with mine and sleep with it on my bed every night :)

  2. What a delightful post (lotsa darling pictures of Bennett!) Miss Addison is a CUTIE. Sounds like y'all had a great time:)
    The baby quilt is beautiful - I love the smaller pieces and the small prints for the baby.

  3. Yay! So glad you are back! What a great weekend! Isn't it good to see those OLD friends? :-) Love ya'll, La

  4. Great job on the quilts!!! It's fun!! Okay---you cant' come up with a title--that's okay---how 'bout a girl's name?????

  5. I love your big boy - the car seat pic is my fav - he just LOOKS like a toddler! Too cute! Love the quilts as well...let me know if you ever sell them on etsy! ;)

  6. i havent seen pics of Addison since she was a preemie baby- she is such a cutie!!!

    i love my quilt & have it over me right now :)


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