memorable weekend

ok, cheesy title is duly noted...

this weekend the b and i said adios to our hard working daddy/husband and hit the beach with my family.
we love him dearly, but this beach girl was itching to put her toes in the sand...or pool as the case may now be.

i actually enjoyed the "excuse" to sit in the shade, feel the warm breeze, drink non-alcoholic "girly drinks," and read mindless trash magazines {of the UsWeekly and OK variety}.

thankfully daddy did get to sneak away for a little QT on saturday, before heading back home to finish out his call weekend.DSC_0343 copy

wearing "docs fishing boat hat"
DSC_0331 copy

driving "docs fishing boat" {like the best thing EVER to this two year old}
DSC_0367 copyDSC_0369

DSC_0351DSC_0376 copy

what you talkin bout willis
DSC_0379 copy
and i dont know who taught him to do this...
DSC_0326 copy
but it reminds me of this {from a year ago...*tear*}
maybe they just come that way...
and its our job to teach them that it is not polite...
instead of laughing and grabbing the nearest digital device...

bennett and i came home sunday morning, and then we both proceeded to take ANOTHER four hour nap.  and i still even went to bed on time.  this pregnancy thing is throwing me for a loop!

hope everyone has enjoyed their long, albeit rainy, weekend!

and now, bc rachel said it needed to be posted, a picture of the little lady {inside the not-so-little-lady...ahem}
DSC_0390 copy



  1. LOVE the belly shot. What a precious thing!

  2. I didn't know you took that picture of Bennett and me on the boat. Love it

  3. great pictures and I love the baby bump but slightly hate you for looking so good. ;)

  4. you look adorable! I love love love the bump!

  5. love the bump! so sad we missed the boat ride... i got some great pics of B this weekend ill be putting up on my blog soon :)

  6. Yep...they DO just come that way..boys, I mean! :-) Love the video too! Has it only been a year? Seems like a really long time ago! Looking so forward to adding the pink bump to the mix! Love ya'll, La

  7. looking good mommy!!! too cute! love the boat pics!! Glad ya'll had such a fun weekend!

  8. I love your belly!!! It's amazing the difference a couple weeks make. Rachel looks so teeny in that pic on the boat!


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