a week without tv

goes something like this:

DSC_0263 copy

playing in the fountain
DSC_0273 copy
which results in outfit changes by 9am

DSC_0277 copy

organized play-times outside of the house
DSC_0304 copy


playing in the dirt
DSC_0307 copy
DSC_0316 copy
DSC_0319 copy

a whole lot of praying {on mommy's part}
DSC_0250 copy

and long, intense naps
DSC_0306 copy

since school was out this week, i decided *we* would try to not watch tv all week - no thomas no wonder pets no NOTHIN'.  i must have heard "watch homas! watch homas!" every five minutes on monday.  by wednesday he only asked me once.  and yesterday and today the tv was barely {if even} mentioned.  its refreshing but was also exhausting for me, since i could never just sit him in front of the tv for a quick 20 minutes to regain my sanity get something done.
we have also noticed something this week - bennett has been in such a happy, chatty, creative mood.  he is cracking us up.  it might just be his age, but i cant help but wonder if the "tv ban" has forced us both to think creatively with our time and, in turn, encouraged more creative behavior/activity from him.
i think we have started a trend!
{lets see how long this lasts :)}

have a safe memorial weekend!



  1. so so with you Nat. We occasionally ban tv too - always ends up being a great (and exhausting) thing to do. prob that time again around here...i'll have to take a few weeks to get geared up : )

    proud of you!

  2. Very impressive. Maybe something we should try since Simms has redeveloped her love for Cailou! Someone help me now!

  3. Good for you... everyone should do this but man that seems exhausting especially with two, and no yard (currently) to stick them out in to play.... a whole week?? Mom might suffer more than kiddies ha ha. I'm proud.

  4. playing in the dirt stuff looks like LOADS of fun! :)


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