you bet your mama

happy mothers day
{flickr: phoebemcevoy}

to my momma
my other momma {MIL}
my aunt momma {aunt e.}
to all the mommas out there
and all the mommas to be
i am thankful for each and every one of you
i feel blessed to be in such wonderful company

and to my husband, son, and daughter-to-be
thank you for making me one

go hug a momma today!

and now for some pink and girly things, bc i cant think of any better excuse to post them
oh, and because im in the process of training my brain to "think pink"

{flickr: Romantic Home}

{etsy: Ravenhill}

{designer Suzanne Kasler via flickr: xjavierx}

{flickr: linocutboy}

{tomboy tools via coastal living}

{Jonathan Adler designed room via harmonyandhome}
and finally



  1. Thank you, Natalie, for such a beautiful post and tribute to motherhood! And Thank you for making me one very blessed mama! XOXOXOxo

  2. This is so sweet....and PINK! :-) How fortunate we are to have you (and yours, and OURS) in our lives! Love ya'll, La

  3. I am blessed to have you and your sisters in my life. You will always have a special place in my heart, Love You, Aunt E


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