* as in take a deep breath "ahhhh"...not screaming "ahhhhh!"

earlier this week my parents called and asked if they could take bennett to the beach with them this weekend.  this doesnt happen much {bennett going away for no apparent reason - i wasnt out of town while stephen was on call, etc, etc} - or at all - and i basically didnt know what to do with myself.  usually if my parents offer to keep him overnight after we all have a big family dinner or something, stephen and i respectfully decline - simply bc we both like having him here with us, and waking up with him, and just knowing he is here.   however, when i mentioned their invitation to stephen, we both said "sure!".

and spent the rest of the weekend blankly staring at each other wandering what in the world we were supposed to do.


we had a blast!  {love you bennett} but your daddy and i had all-out conversations about things, and even stuff.  we had a date friday night, got tcby, rented a redbox movie {best thing ever}, slept in until eight o'clock, ran errands with no naptime to be home for, ate lunch at momma g's, watched golf, attended a good friends 30th bday {we are there - can you believe it?}, and then my parents brought bennett back to us sunday morning before church!  voila!

bennett, on the other hand, did this:

{isnt my momma the cutest...the little boys not too bad himself}

i dont know whats going on here, but i love my dads face:P6182610

stick a fork in me im done

more fake smiling {but at least we are looking at the camera now...}P6192633

booms and helicopters in the background, but no oil to be seen - and sadly, not many people to be seen, eitherP6192637P6192639


im swimming all by myself now!! {with a little help from the puddle jumper - i highly recommend them!!}P6192649

stopping to see the trains in foley

to say he had a blast would be putting it mildly.  before we left church on sunday bennett said:
"go to mimidocs now?"
no we are going to go eat lunch.
"ummmmm, no.  lets go mimidocs first, then lunch."

thanks mimidoc! :)



  1. Glad yall had a good time. Still laughing at "sike". Love Bennett's puppy dog shirt!

  2. Such a cute post! mimi and doc had to google "sike". guess they weren't part of that trend :)
    those are some great pics of the b-man. he is looking more and more like a child instead of a baby. not too sure how i feel about that

  3. oh. wow. I am jealous. what a nice, nice, nice weekend! :) Your little man is just TOO cute. love him - esp love the pic on the dock. would a puddle jumper work for a one year old? or do you think JM is too young? he isn't scared of water -and in his float is always trying to put his face in...oh - and I will post soon - but just wanted to let you know - we are copying you over here: Baby 2 = GIRL. I am in shock! :)

  4. We have a puddle jumper and Harrison is nearly swimming! That is by far the BEST swimming aid I have ever seen/used!

  5. and we also had a BLAST! you know, doing boy things and stuff :)
    since Bennett is talking nonstop, he had our undivided attention! and we loved making swimming progress in the pool, seeing his eyes light up when we stopped at the train museum in Foley, AND when we found Thomas (lost from last trip down) but mostly we loved our little boy hugs and love!

  6. ahh! So great - what a nice treat from your parents! Wish we could have those, but as you know our parents live way too far away :(. Love the pictures!

  7. loved hearing about the weekend from mimi & doc & seeing these cute pics!!! know they definitely enjoyed it!!!!!

  8. you are right! the beaches were empty and so sad -- but it was nice to get into yummy restaurants quickly:-0 hope you are feeling well!


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