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i really dont know how i just came across this website - i think it was link by link by link that started with me looking at a paint color, then seeing a room on some website i liked, then seeing a mirror, blah blah blah.

BUT i quickly have seen many things i love and they were too good not to share:

and now i die a thousand tufted deaths:
they even have some good slipcovered options:

 gotta have nailhead:

i love these feminine tables:

and now on a completely different vein:

i will have this mirror:

these look fun:

my boys would love this:

 little miss might be needing one of these:

i cannot attest to the quality of any of these items, perhaps one of you has heard of this site before?
they carry furniture, fabric, draperies, gifts, accessories, and lighting.  i will definitely be bookmarking this site for future projects!

all images courtesy of High Fashion Home



  1. Those are all great but I think the ketchup gun is the most awesomist of them all. Ketchup gun + beautiful white sofa + 2 boys = upset mama.

  2. That bed is very similar to the Nate Berkus one is was telling you about. LOVE it all!!!
    You can get those little dolls at 3stitches (or at least they used to sell them) and they are so cute and soft/squishy.
    I also think you MUST get the ketchup squirter, mirror, and well, everything else and just worry about finding a place for it all latere!! Now, we just have to find 1 million dollars...

  3. i've had that mirror bookmarked for a while now : )

  4. Just purchased two of those little dolls as baby gifts! Three Stitches but they were all but GONE today as I browsed their going out of business sale.

  5. This is a really cute website that you may like too!


  6. Speaking of the little miss, are you sharing with your blog readers some of the names being tossed around? Or will it be a surprise?

  7. Liza has that doll at the bottom :) Janny got it for her somewhere in Mobile!

  8. ohhhhh LOVE HF - they have one in Houston...I could liiiive in there!!!


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