"how to get the most out of your summer in the south" or "a screened porch addition"

recently ive had some projects "finish up" and another big one just get underway. its actually been a busy, yet very enjoyable, 2010.

one of the reasons its been so enjoyable is bc two of my recent projects have been family members :) they say dont mix family with business but, while that may usually be the case, ive thoroughly enjoyed working with both of them {to say the least}.

the first job i recently completed was at my parents house:
it consisted of a screened porch addition, covered walkway, free standing two car garage, filling in a pool, and new landscaping.

originally you walked out of the house and everything to the left was pool and decking, and the small square of grass was to your right.  we did use the pool when we were younger, but not nearly enough to make up for all the maintenance, etc.  and my parents really wanted a screened porch - so the pool had to go.

one of the only pics i can find quickly that shows the pool and grass originally -

DSC_0522{easter 2009 - bennett meets duck}

within the screen porch addition there were doggie screen door additions as well so that now, when my parents leave the house, the dogs have somewhere covered to stay outside so things like THIS dont happen anymore:
{to give sam credit - the dog - he was a mere tiny pup when this picture was taken.  but STILL...}

my mother happens to have an incredibly green thumb and designed all the landscaping herself.
so by "incredibly" i mean insanely great and admirable and emerald.
landscape architect? who needs one...not my mom!  you will see in the pictures below how beautiful it all looks.

 walking out of the existing house and looking to your right:
DSC_0288 copy

and looking to your left:
DSC_0290 copy
as you can see they also raised the brick wall in the back for additional privacy - the asiatic jasmine has already grown so much and will eventually cover all the brick.  also, as i will mention a little further down, you can see the raised area with the table and chairs in the background.

i loved this fabric the second i saw it and thought it would complement the existing red brick nicely:
DSC_0289 copy

my parents have gazillions of box turtles in their backyard, and we have been "rescuing" them from the middle of the road since my sisters and i all lived at home.  however they dont have to "rescue" them anymore, because every spring there are teeny tiny new baby turtles everywhere :).  if my mom happens to bring scraps of food outside to give to one turtle she sees its like an alarm goes off and all the tiny hiding turtles come "running".  when the neighborhood kids were younger they made my parents backyard a regular tourist stop, and bennett loves finding them every time he goes to their house.  it really has become a special "thing" my parents do.
DSC_0299 copy

please excuse my assistant.  he is standing where the pool used to be
DSC_0292 copy

the covered walkway provides shelter for my dad's grill and a protected walkway to the garage door.  we installed a hood over the grill, and my mom now has a permanent brick planter for her roses against the house {on the right}.
DSC_0293 copy

the retaining wall you see on the left was existing, and everything below it - all the way to the house on the right - was pool and decking.  the only previous yard they had was the small area behind the new fountain, up to that back brick wall.  they might have lost the pool, but in our opinion the pretty yard was a wonderful {and necessary} replacement!  the blue stone steps lead to some stairs and a raised area {where i was standing when i took this picture} with a table and chairs {as you see in the second picture, above}
DSC_0295 copy

and then on the other side of the table and chairs are some steps down to this new grassy area, which used to be my parents garden and was separated from the back yard by a brick wall and gate.  this is to be the "playground" area for the grandkids :).  from the table and chairs you can see this space as well as the rest of the yard.  this also shows the side of the new two car garage, as well as the space against the existing house on the left where they plan on putting a green house one day.
DSC_0296 copy
{sorry the lighting is so terrible - the "playground-to-be" area is the big black shaded area on the right :)}

ill post some pretty landscaping pics and perhaps some more "before" shots when i get them from my mom!

a screened porch is nearly a MUST if you wish to enjoy the summer in mobile, or at least enjoy it from somewhere other than your air conditioned home :)
they have already gotten their money's worth out of this addition...well maybe that is an overstatement...and it is where everyone now congregates.

their backyard is like an oasis....im in love!

construction documents and interior - well i guess technically exterior - design: Natalie Roe Interior Design
contractor: Richard Brown
landscape design: Janice, my momma
outdoor furniture: Summer Classics
fountain picker-outer and contributor to overall accessory selection and coolness: Rachel, my sister



  1. Love it! The fabric is great!

  2. BE-U-TI-FUL!

    and you just showed the world exactly where momma & daddy spend every single one of their afternoons these days! :)

  3. looks great! Sure enjoying watching the little (sorta) fishes at the pool>> They will get there!

  4. Ahhhh, yes we are loving the new porch and backyard! Thanks for you insight and oh so helpful ideas and suggestions!

  5. So pretty! My mom has a pool that hasn't been used in years. She thinks about keeping it for resale value but she may live there forever! I'll show her these pics and I think I know which route she'll take.

  6. You Setzler girls have some serious style!!! I love it all!

    Can I invite us over to a turtle feeding? Do you know I'm kinda obsessed with them? Had a teeny tiny box turtle as a pet for most of my childhood...would LOVE another one.

  7. I spy Summer Classics furniture and cushions :) I do some marketing & sales work for the store here in Nashville. Beautiful work!!

  8. Love it! But sad to see the pool go! So many fun memories :)

  9. So pretty! I love screened in porches/sun rooms!

  10. It looks great! They have a beautiful yard and now it sounds so much more fuctional. I can't believe all of those turtles. i think they need their own post.


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