a photo a day: thursday

so, you know i love fabric.
and i am pregnant with a "little tiny" girl {quotations mark the use the bennett voice}.
so, NOW i look at fabric and think not only of what i could make for myself, but also of what i could make for my daughter bc - lets face it - theres a lot more "girly" fabric out there than "boyish".  like 100000 to 1.

anyway, i stumbled across this fabric designer - Valori Wells and thought it was really inspiring...like many fabric designers, her designs start from her sketch collections, which she then turns into actual fabrics.

i can see some amazing baby pictures with these fabrics as the background....now i just need to find where they are sold! i did a google search and found them here and here and here.

and now, for good measure of course....

{and my deepest apologies for the blurry camera - this is what happens to the lens when it is 115 degrees outside and a comfortable 72 in the car...}



  1. if you need practice on the girly stuff, the girls love any of the above fabrics!!!!!

  2. Hey Natalie! If you go to quiltshops.com and put Valorie's name in the search column, it will pop up thumbnail sketches of fabric with a quilt shop name underneath--you can click on the pictures and find the price and sometimes availability of the fabric---might even find some on sale! Hope that helps! Happy hunting and shopping!! I have a rather LARGE "stash" of girlie fabric!

  3. Ahhh, but I get the picture, even tho' it's blurry - such a handsome little man!


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