a picture a day: tuesday

the beach this weekend
DSC_0549 copyDSC_0558 copyDSC_0560 copyDSC_0570 copy
{last picture by mi padre}

yes, despite the stinkin' oil it is still a little slice of paradise down here.  the pools and {some} beaches are open, the weather is summery fantastic, the breeze is amazing, and the people cant be beat.

please come down and support our gulf coast! the best thing you can do right now {along with prayers, donating supplies, etc} is to keep coming down and supporting the local businesses! they need you now more than ever.



  1. Bennett is so cute! i am glad you guys are having fun!

  2. cute cute little man! poor, poor beaches - makes me sick for lots of reasons...we are headed to FL in July! Can't keep us away!

  3. Sure love these posts! And love ya'll! ;-) La

  4. is he using a 'puddle jumper'? we have a vest taht is supposed to teach him how to keep his balance in the water, so it doesn't keep him perfectly afloat...i want him to have something that he can use and i don't have to hold him the whole time so he can get tosme independence in the water....if it is a PJ...would you recommend it??


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