a picture a day

or ya know, maybe a lot of pictures a day...

this week we are busy with Vacation Bible School - i am a crew leader and, while bennett is too young to officially participate, he is staying at the church with the other toddler children of leaders and gets to join my kids and i at the beginning and end of each day - where we sing songs with plenty of interaction and motions to go along with the words.  i SO wish i had my video camera today.  he was on cloud NINE and wiggled, jumped, and clapped his little heart out.

so, despite the fact that this week is quite the busy one, i will attempt to use some of bennetts naptime to post a picture {or more} a day - maybe words, maybe not, but at least it will keep those interested caught up with the goings on around here...without getting myself a week behind, and then overwhelmed at all the "writing" i have to do :).

baking cookies with momma:
DSC_0497 copy

henry was never far away...and was "watching mix cookies"
DSC_0504 copy

destroying the evidence
DSC_0530 copyDSC_0531 copy

DSC_0533 copy

the cookie recipe was from HERE, and i have to say it IS, by far, the best homemade chocolate chip recipe ive ever had...EVER



  1. 'oooo, so much fun, Momma!' And, yes, this is one delicious recipe!

  2. he is looking like a big kid these days!!

  3. oh my i have never seen him smile for a picture like that last one! HILARIOUS!

  4. This just makes me smile! Quite the personality, isn't he??? I think he gets his love of chocolate chip cookies from his LA! :-) Love ya'll, La

  5. love that cheesy little grin


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