what im loving right now

these dresses from target:

and these dresses from walmart:

blue gatorade:

knitting.  in june.  but its for her so i think i get a pass. and its going to {hopefully} look like this:

this sandwich:
everything bagel thins, cream cheese, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, cheese {i used swiss and munster}, and turkey.
of course avocado would be perfect, but mine is as hard as a rock so no go for me this week.

ingrid michaelson on pandora

these pictures bc, well, every time i look at them {which is a lot - they are in my frequented "inspiration" folder} i go back and look at them again:

reruns of this show:
stephen and i watched the end of this past season and are now enjoying the reruns.  this show is one of the few where i actually find myself laughing outloud, sometimes with tears.  i love sarcastic dry stereotypical humor ;) and you will love glee if you do as well!

berry season:
blueberries for $2 a carton, strawberries for less than that.  makes for a happy woman.  i learned my strawberry plant wont produce until perhaps next season - bummer - but im lucky that thing is even growing.  my garden alone is enough to warrant an entire "what i am NOT loving right now" post

airconditioning and ice:
no explanation needed

these pulls from RH {in the 6" size of course...bigger the better right?}:

her name:



no middle name yet...
but bennett spilled the beans to stephens dad this weekend, so the name is out!
even though it might not be till her actual birth that we decide on her whole name

we are in love



  1. AHHH she just looks so cuddly!!!! cant wait to meet our little emory _____ roe!
    that sandwich looks amzaing-im going to have to try it while m&d are on their road trip and i have to make dinner for myself.
    also love all the interior images. i am aching for a place of my own to slowly, s l o w l y, decorate to my liking. oh to dream :)

  2. how exciting! LOVE the name!

  3. Isn't she gorgeous!?! I can't believe the clarity of these ultrasounds! Can't wait to get my hands on her! :-) Love ya'll, La

  4. love the 'design pics' and i am craving blue gatorade POST baby, too!!!

    love her name. emEry is our top girl name IF we ever produce a girl! haha

  5. I got chill bumps when I ended up on the U/S picture and saw that beautiful name (and face). LOVE it! And love Glee and especially LOVED ice when I was PG with Cope. Like crazy-loved it. Couldn't eat enough!

  6. What an amazing picture of sweet Emory!!! I am always so amazed at how completely formed babies are from the beginning. Her little mouth is adorable!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE her name!!! And love seeing her face. Hope you're both doing well!

  8. Love her name! She is really cute that is the best ultrasound I've ever seen.

  9. aww - tuat face is just precious and i love the name. darling! hope you are feeling well.
    p.s. i loved every "preggo" tj maxx dress i could get my hands on last summer!

  10. looook at that u/s pic of Emory - she is gorgeous!!! I loooooveeee her name! It's perfect!!! I have also been loving Target dresses, toasted bagels with tomatoes and muenster cheese, yellow gatorade...and...well...we have been Glee fans from Day 1. : ) We have a no middle name baby too. Ugh.

  11. PRECIOUS!!!!! And I LOVE the name. Emory Elizabeth would make a beautiful monogram-----since that's the way Katie and I think these days!!! ERE--in the right font of course!!! Keep us posted on nursery plans too!!! Can't wait to see your expertise at work!

  12. I love the name! I also love the Walmart dress. I think I'll be making a trip there soon. Emory is beautiful already!

  13. I too am loving those dresses from Target. Beautiful picture of baby girl! LOVE the name Emory.

    P.S. I am going to buy those bagel thins today! I am eating a big ole FAT everything bagel right now!

  14. LOVE her name! And what a precious ultrasound picture

  15. I LOVE EMORY!! BEAUTIFUL name!! & I have the target dress in black :)

    I like the bedroom picture with the couch at the foot of the bed...my new bedroom "to be" is pretty spacious, and I wonder if I could get that same look with one of those French-esque chaise lounges? I need somewhere to read!

  16. What a wonderful name!!! I especially love it because it is so different!

  17. Emory is just beautiful! Loving her name and saying it.
    I've been enjoying similar sandwich after you told me about the ingredients and those awesome Bagel thins. I added chopped pecans and sprouts and didn't add meat or tomato.YUM!

  18. Natalie
    She is beautifuL!!!! and I love the name, so sweet! :) Have to laugh, b/c i have both of those dresses too! i love them - and they are not even maternity ones :)


  19. What a pretty name. I think Angie Harmon named one of her daughters that, but spells it with an "e". Haven't heard it anywhere else. Original but still sounds classic. Great selection!!

  20. Love it...she is so precious. I look forward to meeting our new little girl. I wonder if Fred did a little prompting? So glad to be able to call her something besides "little miss".

  21. OH MY GOSH - SHE IS BEAUTIFUL NATALIE!!! LOVE,LOVE, Love her name!!!!!!

  22. Love that name and can't wait to see her!! Also, your sandwich made my mouth water, thanks;)

  23. Ben & I both absolutely LOVE "Emory"'s beautiful name!!!! Can't wait until y'all decide on the middle name, too!

    that sandwich makes me miss big blue bagel.... mmm

  24. That's a beautiful name!

    And we're buying all kind of berries these days too. Yum!!!


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