baby graham

bennett and i made a whirlwind trip up to birmingham for friday night to visit my dear friend kat and her new baby boy, graham.
oh, and daddy tony of course :)

bennett was more than thrilled to go see "baby graham" and was a trooper both on the unusually quick ride up there and on the insanely long and aggravating {for me at least} ride home.

it might have something to do with the dvd player and a few friends we like to call dora, diego, and thomas.  its amazing how much i {in some senses} "disapproved" of dvds in the car for any extended amount of time {my dad was a strict keep-your-eyes-outside-the-car kind of family-tripper, and i have to say i am his biggest supporter} HOWEVER there is also something to be said for a quick fix that produces a nice, quiet, peaceful four hour journey on an extremely boring bit of terrain ;)

we were only there for less than 24 hours, but we packed in some quality visiting, baby snuggling, and big blue bagel guzzling {on my part...this third trimester has brought with it an insatiable hunger...and im already dangerously near my "total pounds gained" with bennett.  eek!}

i didnt expect any less but seeing bennett being so caring and sweet around graham warmed my heart.  just one more step in "making this more real."
bennett is going to be a big brother - and i believe he will be the best of one!!!
{and it goes without saying that i am his mommy, and these beliefs are allowed, if not encouraged - biased as they may be ;)}

and now, in case {like me} you are always in need of some good teenie tiny baby oogling:
DSC_0251 copy
DSC_0265 copy
DSC_0263 copy
DSC_0276 copy
DSC_0302 copy

DSC_0341 copy



  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwww! So sweet! What precious young men you girls are raising! Glad you had a good visit and glad you are home safely! :-) Love ya'll, La

  2. he is such a cute baby!! Bennett was getting some good practice

  3. what a precious baby! and i'm so with you on always thinking "oh, i'll never have to have a dvd player to travel with my children..." ha! we did hank's first flight last week without one, and i think i'll be packing the dvd player on the next one ;-)

  4. ooo he is so teeny tiny cute! bennett is going to be such a sweet & loving big brother


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