boys club

thats what they {stephen and bennett} call it.
last weekend stephen took bennett to steelwood to visit his parents and do some "boy stuff" while i stayed home and started on my huge stack of sewing to-dos.  crib bedding, pillows, bed skirts for bennetts big boy room, finish up a day gown, etc etc.
and i was so happy to have the time.
i bought a new sewing machine on ebay recently {same one my mom has and therefore the same one i have been sewing off of for the past year - thanks mom... :)}. 

my old one was great, but it was acting up and had been to the shop and just couldnt handle the stress of just how much sewing i was doing.  it couldnt keep up poor thing.
since our house is still on the market, we are waiting to redo the two rooms {bennetts room and emorys nursery} closer to the end of the summer.  since i have everything already and all the sewing parts are almost done, it realistically would take two days or so to paint the rooms and put it all together.  so im not stressed about it, just eager to get it done.

and you can count the lack of blog posts this past week to the fact that things have been kinda slow around here - working, normal "housely duties", bennett going to school two days a week, errands, staying out of the heat and away from the mosquitos, etc.

its always this time of year that i start realllly itching for the fall.  im just a fall type of gal and really think i was born to live somewhere other than the land-of-a-million-hot-summers.  {as much as i do love my gulf coast}. perhaps pregnancy has something to do with my cold-weather wishes??

to tide over the grandparents, here are a couple pics of the boys, taken on my old little camera that i let stephen borrow for just these occasions :)



  1. I can't believe you talked the whole post about fabric and sewing and didn't even post pics of said fabric and sewing projects!

  2. I can't wait to see pictures of the sewing projects! Thanks for the predication, I am thinking boy too!

  3. good point. i need to get my act together - dont have any pics of that stuff yet! but will do

  4. That little belly is too cute! haha

  5. can't wait to 'see' the finished products. in the meantime, i'll take these fabulous Bennett pics any ole time!

  6. ok so where are the pictures from our little outing last friday?!

    those from boys club are pretty funny too though. i cant wait to see the rooms come together....

  7. Aren't you so excited to have a "girls club" when Emory comes along! (LOVE the name BTW).


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