hey guys!

i figured since this week is nearly over, i should maybe catch up on last weekend and this past week.
its been a whirlwind of a week - every second of spare time i have has been occupied with work, or telling bennett that "mommy has to work im sorry we cannot look at thomas pictures on the computer" {screams}, or moving piles of stuff that accumulate in the den and kitchen to our bedroom and out of public sight {since when mommy's working there is just no time to keep the house neat and tidy as preferred...}, or hunting down discarded pairs of underwear as my son insists on being naked at all times these days, or trying as best i can to change positions frequently since my feet are starting to show signs of the dreaded pregnancy-induced-summer-swelling.  
UGH is all i have to say to that.  and heres a cheers to being pregnant in the WINTERTIME like i was with bennett.  lesson learned...

anyway, while it might have been one crazy week, i have really enjoyed it - work has been fun and im thrilled with my latest project that is underway.  it is moving at warp speed thanks to a great contractor and a wonderful client who helps make decisions quick and easy.  it should be wrapped up at the end of the summer and of course pictures will follow!

here are some shots from last weekend at the beach - it was a change from the "norm" as my parents went on a week long road trip {they are some of the very few who actually love traveling by car - most of our family trips were made in this fashion as you can imagine} - so stephen and i took the opportunity to invite some of his college friends down for a long weekend.  it was great to spend time with old friends {old meaning life-long as well as age - we are all getting up there and it shows...lets just say our weekends at the beach arent exactly enjoyed in the same manner as they used to be - but thoroughly enjoyed nonetheless ;)}

we visited the "big beach" saturday morning but didnt stay long.  NOT bc of the oil, bc even though we saw some it still wasnt everywhere by any means.  but the wind happened to be blowing at 8 million miles an hour and the sand was stinging everyones legs {and bennetts eyes - poor buddy}.
watching the big helicopters flying overhead
DSC_0015 copy
oil on the big beach
DSC_0018 copy
this was the only oil we saw.  tons of workers, tar like globs on the public beach, but even then there was no smell and the majority of the beach was clear. 

hanging with the boys
DSC_0021 copy

DSC_0032 copy
DSC_0039 copy
DSC_0045 copy
DSC_0054 copy

Q: do we really need to see another picture of bennett licking sugary sweetness off mixers?
DSC_0057 copy
A: yes, yes we do.
DSC_0067 copy

DSC_0112 copy

watching fireworks with preston
DSC_0138 copy

i have always wanted to make one of these typical flag cakes.  except i dont know how they make it.  so what i did {since im not a big cake-lover} was this:
cook a box of the extra fudgey brownie mix, turn it over when completely cooled, add part of the brownie "slab" one of our friends brought with them to make a rectangle instead of a square, frost with cream cheese icing, and top with strawberries and blueberries.  
DSC_0103 copy
maybe its because im pregnant, but great heavens above it was the best thing i ate all weekend.  
ok, its because im pregnant.  
BUT it really hit the spot and besides the servings everyone had on the fourth, i finished the rest of it by myself every night this week.  worth every calorie.  
emory, you are welcome sweetheart.


and now for some bennett stories:

when bennett woke up form his nap yesterday:
hey mommy!
hey buddy are you playing with your toys?
oh your bunny is so sweet
bennett hugs bunny and gives it to me
here mommy you play with bunny
thanks bud. oh and look heres your turtle.  what a sweet turtle
no mommy he not sweet
hes not? why?
turtle is mad mommy.
why is your turtle mad? can you give it a hug and make it happy?
no.  bad turtle.
why is the turtle mad and bad?
turtle poo poo on my bed.
oh no! thats not a very good turtle.
bennett "checks" the bottom of the turtle
hes not mad anymore mommy!
thank goodness.


in the car yesterday coming back from school:
mommy i have something in my hair
whats in your hair?
a bug
why is there a bug in your hair? {there is not a bug in his hair}
hes eating
thats silly bugs dont eat your hair!
bennett laughs.
what do bugs eat bennett?
bugs eat spiderwebs?
yes. and grass.
did you say gas?
no bus eats gas.  bugs eat grass mommy.
oh. that is right.  they sure do.


at lunch this week with my sisters:
ahhhh! mommy get it out get it out get it out! {sticking finger up nose}
bennett whats wrong?
get it out get it out get it out
what is in your nose?
cereal!! {he was eating fruity cheerios}
cereal? bennett did you put cereal up your nose?
yes get it out get it out get it out....!!!!!!
{i cant help but hang my head and smirk, while my sisters start giggling}
i look and dont see anything but bennett is freaking out.
should i panic? i usually actually downplay this type of stuff, but started to think i should be worried.
should we just wait it out? go to the ER? go to the pediatrician who is around the corner? ENT?
i call my dad and he says if we need to we should go to an ENT.
ENT and pediatricians cant see bennett until 2pm.

bennett freaks out for a little bit longer, i get him to blow his nose, which he says he has to "blow hard" to get the cereal out, nothing comes out but bennett is making plenty of "ptttt" noises out of his MOUTH instead of his nose.  after one last good "blow" {more blowing out of his mouth than nose} he pulls back and tells me "cereal all gone momma! i blow it out" {he didnt}

then he proceeds to play and everything goes back to normal
i take him to my parents house to look up his nose with a light.  bennett insists the "cereal is not in my nose anymore!! its all gone!" and he is correct.
my dad said if there really is anything up there it will eventually just dissolve....
IF bennett even stuck anything up his nose to begin with.
my little drama queen.
{everything was/is fine.  no cereal.  no nothing.  just a story...}


and now, just in case you were wondering,
here is what a 26 week pregnant lady looks like when
DSC_0147 copy
thats right, at my drs appt last week my belly measured 3-4 weeks LARGER than it should.

and the lady at target today told me i looked like i was about to bust. or give birth.
i told her neither but thank you very much that just made my day.

happy friday ;)



  1. I am howling! These stories are precious! What a great imagination he has....and what an adorable little,,,,um....belly you have! All the better for Miss Emory! :-) Love ya'll, La

  2. first- cutest baby bump ever!
    second- help with potty training!! Reid is doing GREAT this week, but only when he is 'naked'- when he has his clothes on, he doesn't tell me that he needs to go and if i ask, he WILL go, but there is always some pee in that diaper too....any advice on how to transition from 'training' to 'trained'....we have thomas train, buzz lightyear, and lightning mcqueen undies for him to look forward too, but im afraid he's gonna go to preschool but naked bc that's the only way he'll go!! lol...

    too much info??

  3. Oh my gah you are tiny! You truly look great! People are so goofy. Bennett is hilarious! We have hilarious convos like that at our house these days too. 2.5 is a funny age. I love hearing them talk. So sweet!

  4. i love all these stories!! they are the absolute best :)
    you look amazing. i bet you couldnt even tell that you are pregnant if you faced the other way!

  5. we had a great time at the beach w yall. bennett is one hilarious little drama queen too.... thank goodness we didnt have to go to the ER! haha

  6. I LOVE B stories - he is too cute! AND I love your bump. You do NOT look like you are about to have a baby. It's ok. I am measuring ahead too. And boyyyyyy can does it show now. At 20 week sono she was measuring an entire week ahead IN my belly. And my belly was 2 weeks ahead.

  7. so glad you can record all this in pics and prose, 'cause this is priceless!


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