if i were a twitterer i would tweet

note to self: dont give bennett a new train "present" you bought on clearance at tuesday morning right before naptime, let him keep it in the room with him, and expect him to actually go to sleep. no matter how long he lays in bed with his blanket on. {going on two hours now}

at least hes "resting" and mommy is getting "mommy time"....



  1. aww how exciting for our little b-man. i dont think its possible for him to have enough of them

  2. o please become a twitterer! it would keep me excited all day long reading funny stories like this about silly B-man!

  3. from what i know about twittering, this is one. long. tweet! ;)

  4. haha!! Mommy time....that is good stuff...whether he is resting or playing with his new train!

  5. HA! Love it! Asa did this with his little dog named Scout --- that knows Asa's name and TALKS!!! :)
    Glad that yall both finally got some rest...


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