more tales from the beach

this weekend the three of us made another trip down to the beach to celebrate the last weekend this summer that we can see the three of us actually making it down to the beach this summer :(
busy months we have!
it was a long, relaxing, do-nothing kind of weekend
which is just what we all needed after an exciting fourth of july weekend and a hectic week - not to mention stephen has been under the weather {to say the least}.

this stinker bug counted down the days every day this past week till "we go to beach again?!?"DSC_0162 copy
telling me every morning, noon, and night that we were "going to beach this weekend mommy!!!! go to the beach on friday!!!"
DSC_0164 copy

he is looking so old.  i was this close to taking him to a real salon to get his haircut, but ended up sitting him in a booster seat on a towel watching thomas and was actually very happy with the results.  to say i learned from our last haircut {in daddys lap outside with the wind blowing} would be an understatement.

we arrived at the beach late friday night and awoke to a quietly still and warm morning
DSC_0169 copy
we actually spent a lot of time on the dock, for the first time in a long time
DSC_0176 copy

on a completely random note {whats new} i love these shoes from target
DSC_0183 copy
$15 and comfortable.
and beachy
and i obviously have no shame to post my hideously unpainted toenails.
oh, and in case i forgot to say im 6.5 months pregnant.
and apparently overdue for a pedicure...bc i sure as heck cant reach those things...

bennett asked repeatedly to go fishing on the way down, so we attempted with a "real" fishing rod
DSC_0186 copy
but that didnt quite cut it.  we then went to THREE different local bait/tackle shops to no avail. {there were tons of miley cyrus and barbie princess fishing poles - NO boy-appropriate ones}
wal-mart ended up being the winning ticket and we left with a toy story {or "buzz"} fishing pole
DSC_0191 copy
DSC_0193 copy
bennett and daddy didnt waste any time and thanks to some deli ham and munster cheese, bennett caught {and reeled in} his first fish
DSC_0195 copyDSC_0196 copy
{curses to my foggy camera!!! grrr humidity}
as all good pinfish-ermen know, pinfish are carnivorous and while you might catch your first one with a tiny piece of deli meat, the easiest {and most effective} way is using your first catch as bait for the next.
so that we did and look what bennett caught
DSC_0222 copyDSC_0238 copy
you should have heard the line scream out of that tiny buzz lightyear reel when that thing hit.
and daddys excited guesses as to what it was. :)
bennett didnt know what to think but you better believe he reeled that thing in with purpose! {with a steady daddy hand on the rod making sure the fishing pole didnt fly into the water}
DSC_0228 copyDSC_0234 copy

we spent the rest of our mornings lazily around/in the pool, lunches at home, and naptimes for all.  we cooked dinner and made a couple trips to publix {a popular outing for those of us not used to such a grocer}.  we went to bed early and rose early as well.

it was just what the doctor ordered
DSC_0243 copy



  1. YAY! Great pictures! Acatfish?! Well, looks like another fisherman in the family. XOXOXO!

  2. oh my gosh! so fun that he caught a fish!!! i've got to take jack fishing...we have the rod but haven't tried it yet. can't believe ya'll won't be down there anymore this summer...we haven't even played yet!!

    glad you had a good weekend!!

  3. So cute!! Bennett looks SO proud!

  4. So great about his first fishy!!!

  5. i cant believe he caught that fish!! how exciting :) hopefully some combination of the 3 of yall will be able to go down to the beach at some point this summer. i really hope yall can anyways!!

  6. What a fun weekend for ya'll! Mr. B is quite the fisherman, isn't he? So glad you posted all this! It's great! :-)Love ya'll, La

  7. what an impressive 1st fish!!!!
    he looks so tan in that 1st pic & i LOVE your new sandals!


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