simple indulgences

have gotten me through this rather symptomatic pregnancy.
with bennett, i had a belly with a baby in it.  and towards the end a pulled sciatic nerve.
no wonder i was cherry-blossoms-and-butterflies-happy-and-glowing at all times :)

emory, sweet emory, she is a different story.
honestly i havent enjoyed it any less, while she and my body are working their darnest to try and make me...but the enternal optimist can never be brought down, right?

anyway there are a few things that keep me truckin {despite the hot summer pregnancy symptoms} that may sound to the not-so-pregnant person as just simple things, but to this balloon-bellied woman they are fanciful indulgences...that i simply choose to partake in regularly for my sanity ;)

they include but are not limited to:

chocolate milk
i have tried them all.
they are all fantastic.
and i {usually} drink them out of the carton.
{this is a judgment free zone btw so feel free to keep your "ewwwws" and "oh no she di-ints" to yourself}

ive gone my whole life only uttering that word when there is a friends wedding involved.
before this summer, i have probably had 5 or 6 in my entire life.
this summer, ive had three.
and the one i had on tuesday was one of {if not the - second only to seeing a beautiful healthy emory on an ultrasound screen} most amazing experiences of the past six and a half months.
so good that i couldnt concentrate on my texts/bbms and had to put the phone down and close my eyes - entering into a happy place where it is not 100 degrees outside and i dont have to wear tankinis {hate them}.
{moment of silence for remembrance}
i usually actually like a french manicure/pedicure, but when i walked in and told the little lady thats what i wanted she squinted at my feet, burst into cackling laughter and said:
"no no no no too small.  too too small.  hahahahahhahahahaha"
my toenails are too small?  i know they are small but ive gotten it done before?
"hahahahaha no no no.  not right.  not right. you pick color. hahahahhaa"
and then she mutters something in korean to the other ladies in the place and they all share in a quiet cackle.
and that is how i ended up meeting my new favorite shade:
OPI cajun shrimp
and it may look a little ... bright on screen, but it is the perfect coraly redish pinkish not too bright and not too dull shade

brownies, cookies, cinnamon rolls, cookie cakes, baked goods, lucky charms mixed with cinnamon toast crunch {jk - thats taking it a little too far...}, and right now
a la my friend vanessa.
{v: i told you i was going to make it soon.  this is my second batch}
the second time i made it i added a little brown sugar - just for kicks - probably used a whole cup of chocolate chips instead of just 1/2 {refer to title}, and baked them in a muffin pan for ease-of-consumption {this is key}.  bennett now knows that he likes "muffins," so im thinking next time when i bake a heart-healthy batch of some whole grain low fat variety he will be more likely to try it :) and love it....right?
{picture hijacked off vanessa's blog}
{ps. and if you bake them in muffin pan it takes much less time - burned chocolate chip banana bread would be less than ideal}

is this considered an indulgence?
probably not.
but staying in them all day is.
and its something i actually havent indulged in recently.
and to even hint that its something cute like this
would be a bold faced lie.
one thing that has kept me sane this summer is practically shedding all restrictive clothing at the door and putting on some huge tent-like tshirt and old, worn-in pajama pants. 
oh and did i mention air-dried hair and no makeup?
stephen finds it insanely attractive 
{he hasnt said so, but women know these things}

a moment like this
cue kelly clarkson...

no what i mean is i am indulging wholeheartedly in bennetts 30.5 month brain at the moment
i have always looked forward to the time when i had "cute kid stories", just bc i think kids brains are so amazing and their innocence and naivete is intoxicating.
there are daily laughs going on around here which is actually helping counteract the insane amounts of discipline
i am NOT enjoying the discipline part.  it wears me OUT
{can i get an amen?}
tuesday we were in my bathroom and i asked bennett to run a very important errand for me:
fetch a roll of tp
he LOVES when i give him "missions" and listened intently as i told him to
go to his bathroom, open the cabinet next to the potty, grab ONE roll of tp, and bring it to mommy.
"yessss mayum!!!!"
and tiny feet scurry across the house.
i wait
and i wait a little more
and the tiny feet return.
with ONE SINGLE toilet paper square
"i got sunting for you mommy!"
and then upon entering the bathroom bennett says:
"sunting in my nose mommy"
and proceeds to stick said toilet paper square up his nose, then hand it to me.
thank you sweet son for my one singular square of tp with a tiny wet nose stain on it.

you, child, are my favorite indulgence.
DSC_0119 copy



  1. Cajun Shrimp is my absolute favorite...I have it on right now and wear it all summer. It goes with everything. Oh, do I remember those HOT summer days carrying the boys - August and September. Don't let anyone tell you Colorado does not get hot. Try being very pregnant and living through their hottest summer on record, but there was no humidity. It did help but not much...Bennett is such a good helper :-)
    Love Aunt Elizabeth

  2. Love this post! I too have "too small" toenails and I too LOVE Cajun Shrimp =) B's story was adorable and I am enjoying Harrison's "helping" adventures at this time too (just 6 months behind B!)

  3. Odd about the nail lady, what is the big deal? I will have to try out cajun shrimp. I've been making that banana bread in mini muffin pans and it is so easy to eat about 15 little tiny mini muffins! Plus the oven is on for a lot less time, it makes my kitchen so hot!
    OMG the word verification for this comment is beint, almost Bennett!

  4. This is hysterical...the tp part! :-) Now...I have loved Cajun Shrimp for YEARS...that's how I know it is really summer! It looks alot pinker on me..go figure! Who needs makeup anyway? Not you! And....just fyi, I have that chocolate milk in my fridge right now! It's just waiting for You, and Bennett, and Emory! Come on over and have a glass or two! Love ya'll, La

  5. Hahahaha....I laugh, recalling taking some chocolate milk to the beach for Bennett as a treat, and you saw it and OWNED it!! Do you ever let him have some? ;) JK
    The TP story is a hoot!
    Guess I'm going to have to check out the Cajun Shrimp; it looked pretty on you:)
    Love, Hugs, and Kisses

  6. Here's another cajun shrimp fan. Its one of my favorite summer colors! And your impersonation of the nail lady has me CRACKING up!

  7. love this Nat!! i kept waiting to see if you were going to put icees on the list because they are always on my indulgence list.

    and love cajun shrimp too :) can i come with you to your next pedicure?

  8. Just a little FYI, I read in People magazine that Cajun Shrimp is B Spears favorite color... love it!

    And having carried a baby through the heat of a southern summer, I say drink all the chocolate milk you want.

  9. who knew that cajon shrimp was so popular? i just bought some "you dont know jacques!"

  10. Going to try Cajun Shrimp tomorrow morning! And the toilet paper story had me laughing out loud. He sounds like one funny little boy.

  11. Hey- Where did you get that picture of those cute pajamas?? I'm with you on the big tshirt and pajama pants but those look pretty dang comfortable. Cajun shrimp is the best! Going for a pedicure this afternoon and it's in my purse!

  12. Are those Majamas? If so, buy them. A lot of them! I have tons and love them. They are great for being pregnant and nursing.

  13. i just love nail polish names! hilarious!

    keep indulging... you deserve it mama!


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