his birthday weekend

so stephen turned 30, and for his birthday he got a big ole surprise
i SUCCESSFULLY threw him a surprise party at my parents house friday night.  i cannot believe it was successful.  now this thing was "in the works" {ie in my head} since not too long after stephens 29th birthday.  and then i "got" pregnant {i hate the way that sounds...but you know what i mean}, and then stephen began being on call nearly every weekend, and then....well, and then i still decided to do it!
and i knew if i did it, it had to be the stephen way: family and close friends, bar-b-q, yellow cake out of the box with chocolate icing {his favorite}, intimate and casual.

and it was.

i used the excuse that we were dropping bennett off at my parents so we could go out to dinner and, when we walked in, everyone was standing in a group off the kitchen and stephen was SHOCKED.  he said we scared him to death and he was kinda overwhelmed for a little while before someone brought him a drink and he eased on into his party :)
i knew i wanted to get Byrons barbecue from auburn for the party {stephens favorite} but didnt think realistically i would have a way to get it until stephen's brother michael offered to stop by on his way home from atlanta {love you uncle awesome - the byrons MADE the party}.

bennett in the midst of a niiiiice "choo choo"


some of the ladies

i thought about using 30 sparklers buuuuut that might have been considered a fire hazard
how every cake should be eaten:DSC_1100
but a fork works pretty well, too {i honestly dont know if stephen even tasted any of his own cake that night...}

all in all the party was a huge success and i LOVED making a big deal out of his birthday and letting stephen be the center of attention for once {he always shys away from this type of thing...but i figured this was a good time to break the rules!!}.
our best family pic from the night...thats right...this was the best:

the next morning we packed up and headed to chatom, al to my brother in law {ben}'s familys "farm" {a farm, as we explained to bennett when he broke out into a charming rendition of e-i-e-i-o, that does not have animals.  its just what they call it}.
i felt like i was at camp and i could have stayed there for weeks.  the cabin is perfectly charming and built from the lumber cut down when the lake was made.  the wood on the walls and ceilings make it even more authentic and absolutely cozy...we were in heaven.  bennett has been here a couple times before, but i think this trip took the cake.

as every good farm boy should, he spent most of his time "almost neck-ed" {as he would put it} and packing in as much "farm life" as he could:

riding in docs new {to him} tractor at mimi and docs land right up the road from uncle bens farm
DSC_0486 copyDSC_0490 copy

"driving" down the long driveway to the farm with daddy
DSC_0504 copy

playing on the pier
DSC_0551 copyDSC_0549 copyDSC_0582 copyDSC_0567 copy

mastering his spinning rod technique {he is surprisingly very coordinated with it...and reeled in all his fish by himself-but had to have someone grab the line and pull the fish up when it got to the edge of the pier}
DSC_0555 copyDSC_0562 copy

catching lots of brim and bass {which we ate with leftover byrons for dinner - i heard the brim and bass were delicious but alas i opted out of the moderate-mercury-laden fish...i did steal a teeny taste tho ;)}
DSC_0537 copy

riding the boat with daddy and the boys
watching the rain from the back porch
DSC_0521 copyDSC_0527 copy

playing with his trains {they follow us everywhere}
DSC_0583 copy

snuggling with his emory {and his mommy}
DSC_0529 copy 2
 DSC_0496 copy

and pretending to be asleep
DSC_0600 copy

all in all, i think daddy had one great birthday weekend
{his other two thirds sure did!}



  1. Looks like a great weekend! I wish I had a wife that would throw me a bday weekend like that. Love the pic of you with the cake, Emory will love that picture one day too.

  2. What a fun weekend! YOU look wonderful!

  3. we had an awesome weekend w/ you 3!

  4. Wasn't it fun? Loved being with all of you! What a grand birthday! :-) Love ya'll, La

  5. B just gets more and more beautiful...such a cutie! I am jealous he knows you have sweet E in your belly! JM does not HAVE A CLUE! :) ya'll look great!

  6. Great pictures, love the one of Bennett, Emory, and you snuggling!

  7. such a fun weekend. love all this pics and getting to spend time with yall :)

  8. Byron's BBQ is my favorite!! I haven't had it in forever. I am drooling! Glad you were able to pull off the party. You look wonderful!

  9. You did it! What a great surprise and it was so much fun; Stephen's face was priceless.
    Loved all the farm pics; what a relaxing way to finish up the birthday weekend.


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