projects and mudrooms

soooo i might be having a baby in about a month, and my last "big" project may be perfectly finishing up right after labor day, BUT apparently it hasnt kept me from thinking i could somehow find the time to take on more jobs.  {enter husband looking at me with a disapproving look as more jobs usually = less home cooked meals ;)}

i said i was done and was going to take a break for a little while after emory was born, but i think Big Man Upstairs had another plan {dont you love it when that happens??}.

i feel so blessed to live in a little big city where word of mouth means everything, and im blessed to be kept just enough busy to be happy and still allow me to be a stay at home mom. so, that being said, i have a bunch of fun, smaller scale projects in the works and just got another "big one" basically involving an entire gutting of a house.  {thanks candice!!} {and yes, all my clients know im bound to "pop" at any second and there might be a few weeks of "where in the world is my interior designer" time}

this particular "big one" job involves a house built {solidly i might add} in the seventies, aaaaand hasnt been touched since the seventies.  it looks something like this:

{ill be taking dibs on the carpet in the comment section of this post, 
so if you would like us to save you some, just let me know}

glorious dark paneling, thick shaggy carpet, laminate galore.  my dream house.  seriously though...i walk into houses like this and my mind starts whirling and my ultra-low-when-pregnant blood pressure spikes and i cant wait to get my hands on it.  the before and afters are so insane it makes it even more exciting.  not to mention that this house has great bones and there will be minimal adding/removing of walls.  ill keep you posted as this looks to be a fun, fast-paced project.

the houses side {and most used} entrance is a large laundry room.  since the space is so large and open, we are planning on closing it off and making an entry hall/mudroom with built-in cubbies and a door to a separate laundry room. cubbies that may or may not look a little something like this:

is this for real? that dog bed is too cute. too bad steele would never stay on it. 
if he is inside, he likes to be riiiight where we are.

this is a good example of what i have in mind - love the beadboard, hooks, cubbies, and cushions to sit on

this picture is more similar to the space we have to work with

mmm blue

love all the light coming in - however our hallway doesnt have windows...

im really not one for writing on the wall, but the colors and textures of the baskets and floor are nice

love all the yellow, and pictures with dogs :)

{click on photos and then look at the html link for credit}



  1. I can NOT wait to live vicariously through you :)

  2. So happy for you and all your fun projects! My mom is excited about her breakfast room re-do! I know you will do a great job.

  3. ok i cant wait to see the after pictures of that house!

    and i would love to have an organized mud room like that! perfection!

  4. That is a great space to work with! I wish I had a mudroom. You should come visit me at Bronstein's when you are ready to look at furniture!

  5. sounds like a fabulous project. have fun!


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