cause my momma told me to

here are some pics of our firstborn

was hanging clean clothes in his closet {a month ago} and turned around to find this:
DSC_0604 copyDSC_0611 copyDSC_0619 copyDSC_0623 copy
helping momma and daddy and rachel make his headboards
DSC_0681 copyDSC_0687 copy

i guess this is what you get when you ask a two year old to pull his pants up and down by himself when going potty:
DSC_1051 copy



  1. Was looking at the three of you today and thinking that B is your clone (sorry Stephen), I know I always say that but it is was esp apparent today.

    I need Emory OUT of you and IN my arms...hurry along people.

  2. haha i cant believe u didnt post these w/out mommas prompting!

  3. These make me smile. I love him...and ya'll! :-) La

  4. B is SO adorable! And Harrison does the same thing with his undies, I think he wants to see the designs ;)

  5. B will not fit in that basket much longer...he is growing so fast.
    Love to you all,
    Aunt Elizabeth

  6. Thank you Nat! I'm feeling much better now ;)


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