could it be?

is print really not dead?

i was excited and happy to see on several blogs this morning that there is actually a NEW design/lifestyle PRINT magazine making its debut next month.

meet Anthology:

Anthology is self-described as : "A new quarterly shelter and lifestyle print magazine that takes a narrative approach to its coverage of home d├ęcor, travel, design, entertaining, and culture. We envision the magazine as a collection of stories shared with readers."

and now for a sneak peek inside the pages:
i love typewriters...
and as im sure you now know, tufted sofas, too.  doesnt hurt that its VELVET

all images via the Anthology sneak peek found HERE.  go take a look!

Lonny has thankfully provided a go to spot for Domino-esque inspiration since Domino's demise awhile back, but there is always a need {in my opinion} for good ole hold-it-in-your-hand design inspiration {recession smuh-cession}.

thank you Anthology - i hope you do know the high hopes being held out for you!!!

good luck!



  1. love the room with the sunburst-esque mirror. yum

  2. sooooo..... about that recipe you have teased us with a few times........ ????


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