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so honestly here is what made me think of this whole string of posts to begin with:

i present to you, the BAD:

ugh!!!!! this high chair is heinous. im sorry to all those of you who have this high chair, bc it is an extremely common one, usually up there on "what TO buy" for your new baby.

HOWEVER, i strongly disagree. it is a bustling center of germs and old food and crevices to be cleaned and just UGH! i cant ever get it clean, even with submergence and intense scrubbing in sudsy water, toothpick cleaning all the cracks, everything short of HOSING IT DOWN or strapping it to the top of the car and drive-through-car-washing it.  honestly there is no way to really keep it clean unless you completely take it apart and scrub after every meal.  and there are about a million parts to disassemble.

and all those "ergonomic adjustments" may seem nice at a glance but they are really unnecessary.  {we have never adjusted any of the "adjustments".}  when b was teeny and eating rice cereal and such, we did strap him in, but he hasnt used the straps since then {dont judge}.  and the changeable plastic tray cover doesnt cover the edges of the actual tray, so it doesnt save you having to wipe down the tray every time anyway.  and did i mention the plethora of places where food and germs and disastrous yuckiness can hide?

you want to know my FAVORITE high chair?
this one:
the high chair I grew up eating in.  its at my parents place at the beach, and it is the easiest, cleanest, simplest high chair.  and i love it.  when we were little my dad had casters on it, so you could roll it around like all the fancy-smancy ones can now.  im highly considering consigning our chicco chair or just goodwill-ing it and getting a simple wooden chair from a consignment store or online.

anyway, i would love to hear your thoughts if you also have this high chair, or one like it.  maybe its just me - i do know that when ive asked friends who have the same chicco high chair, they always agree with how nasty it is.

so there it is.  create.live.design: baby stuff: the bad consists of this singular item.

oh, wait...i spoke too soon and almost forgot. these, too:

ugh and ugh, again.  we first bought the diaper genie {on the right}, and it did provide useful at hiding the smell.  BUT you had to use your hand to firmly and completely press nasty diapers down into the contraption each time.  gross. and you had to pay for replacement bags.  at first, when teeny baby diapers dont really smell that bad, it wasnt really an issue.  but as bennett grew, so did the nastiness.
so we bought a diaper champ {on the left}.  which uses regular trash bags and is supposed to be hands free.  just drop the diaper in and flip the handle.  BUT it stinks to high heavens, never contained the smell, and just made a mess.  some who start with the diaper champ say it handles the smell just fine, but im not so sure these people have anything to compare it to :)

so, my humble recommendation is to just throw the dirty diaper away in a disposable bag {if you want to just leave it in the room} or take it out to another garbage can, preferably one outside.  ;)

there ya have it!  the baaaaaaaaaaad.

the so-so is still to come.
i know you are waiting on the edge of your seat for these thrilling installments... hehe
 happy saturday!

{yes, im inside at the beach on the computer - there is only so much sun and heat i can take these days!}



  1. I couldn't agree more on your baaaad baby items! That chicco high chair is just to much and the diaper pails always end up stinking and aren't worth bothering with. Good judging those baaad items =)

  2. We have a high chair from Ikea and I LOVE it. Super easy to clean and it was like $20.

  3. Oh my do I agree with you on the diaper things! We've been walking diapers out to our outdoor trashcan since Simms was 5 days old! I gave up on it then! Plus, the look of those bags when they are full of diapers really freaked me out!

  4. Agreed and agreed. We have the Peg Perego high chair, but same issues. TERRIBLE. That thing is never ever clean. I found a cute old-school wooden one on Craigslist and I might just get it. :) And we had the Diaper Genie but just sold it in a garage sale ... never used it once. Those disposable bags (or grocery store plastic bags) are the only way to go!!!

  5. amy has this high chair & it looks like you would like it (& easy to clean): http://www.google.com/products/catalog?hl=en&q=stokke+tripp+trapp+high+chair&cid=11552635630067108519&ei=cveCTIrcJaOS2QSs0c3NBg&sa=title&ved=0CCcQ8wIwAjgA#p

    they say kids of all ages fit in them but i cant figure out HOW!?!

  6. i could not agree more! i love reading your blog but have never commented! we had the chicco for my little boy and when little sister came around, my sweet mom offered to take the BAD CHOICE high chair and pay for whatever high chair i wanted for our house. she wanted one for her house so she took the AWFUL one. i wanted an old school wooden one as it was the OBVIOUS choice for EASY to clean and classic looking too. i was concerned with safety on buying an 'old' one, so i just went with the eddie bauer wooden high chair. they have dark, tan, & light wood to match your decor. they do come with a removable pad. we use the pad now (STILL SO EASY TO CLEAN), but will probably remove it when my daughter gets a little older. we also removed the straps. if people judge, just tell them you want easy and quick access to your baby if they start choking instead of struggling with the darn strap to get them out. that was my intention along with not having to worry about keeping it clean. now it doesn't have wheels, but i really don't think they are necessary. we have the high chair on a 'mess mat' and if i need to pull her to the table to feel a part of the family, the high chair moves easily on the mess mat. LOVE it!! can't wait to hear your so so list. get ready..you will LOVE having a little GIRL!!! :)

  7. I agree about the highchair. Yikes - It is SO difficult to keep clean. (And, I don't strap Lils in either . . . no judgment here!).

    You are probably right about the diaper pails as well, but we don't use them that much so I don't really know. We cloth diaper. No poop in the pails - only in the toilet.

  8. I know i have never had a child, so I could be completely off on this... but every time i have ever changed a diaper babysitting, i always have put the dirty ones in a ziplock bag before i put them in the garbage (or diaper genie thing). I always have thought it worked (but then again wasnt there the next day to have proof?). SO, thats another thought in addition to the disposable bags. You can always go with generic ziplocks- much cheaper than the disposable bags, im sure..

  9. AND, i forgot to mention i LOVE the idea of an older high chair like the ones we used to use! :) they are simple and pretty!

  10. I agree completely with you about the high chair! I do like some features of it, BUT it is a disaster when it comes to keeping it clean!

  11. That high chair is the devil. It's like letting your baby feed themselves while sitting in a recliner, cracks and crevices everywhere. Next time we're definitely going the Ikea high chair route.

  12. yep! i have an old-school jenny lind high chair (bought new off of amazon) and i have LOVED IT. we just got rid of the diaper champ and do individual bags that go straight outside...loooove having less contraptions!!!


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