emory dear

i am ready!
{pardon the camera phone pictures}

{does that doll kinda freak anyone else out? ive always had a love/hate relationship with her...loved that she was a real-live "china doll" when i was little, but she looks like she is staring into the depths of your soul and knows stuff...but shes pink so she will stay :)}

my two babies
whew! busy nesting weekend.
bumpers made? check
mommas old baby stuff {stuffed animals, jewelry boxes, dolls, knick knacks, dresses, bonnets, etc.} taken out of hiding for an encore appearance? check
attic cleaned? check
bennetts old closet cleaned? check
emorys clothes in? check
baby clothes washed and hung? check
hospital bag packed? check
newborn diapers bought? check {sniff sniff - yes i was the hormonal crying pregnant lady you saw in target on thursday}
mommas old books stolen borrowed from mimi and docs house? check

ok now off to make ties for bumpers and another accent pillow, while watching the auburn game and watching an extremely happy bennett rolling in the dirt, as it is FINALLY not 115 degrees outside.

{and as i mentioned earlier, emory dear.....I. AM. READY...c'mon girl get busy}



  1. Hurry up Emory! We can't wait to get our hands and HEARTS around you! :-)
    Her room is so pretty! Glad all this has not affected Bennett's ability to roll in the dirt! :-) Love ya'll, La

  2. looks SO GOOD!!!!! i want to come by this week and ohh and ahh in person.

    COME ON EMORY!!! i'm keeping my (new!) phone extra close these days waiting to hear from your mama!!

  3. Yay for another baby! That is so awesome. Those pictures for her nursery are SO precious!!!!! Best of luck and thanks for commenting on our blog!!! Good to hear from you!!

  4. what a difference a girl makes! i'm ready too!!!

  5. hey nat
    very sweet! How ya feeling? What has the doctor said.. They are going to induce me on the 6th if no baby before then. otherwise - back to the doctor on wednesday for checkup! :)

  6. Beautiful! Can't wait for some updates! Oh you will love a baby girl and LOVE having 2! WHAT A BLESSING!

  7. Wow!!! That girl's got some clothes! Can't wait to meet her...come'on Emory!

  8. I spy Thomas Paul fabric! I love his designs :)

    I found your blog through Erin's :)


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