i made it by to photograph one of my completed projects - and just in time for them to sell their house!  we started "refreshing" the master bedroom and bathroom with the plan of them eventually putting the house on the market, knowing good and well in this market their house could sit for up to a year before selling - so they wanted something they could live in for awhile, too.

well, would you believe their house sold without even being listed, to the first person who came and looked?  yep.  sure did!  guess we will just have to "repeat" the room in another house one day! :)

just to start you off on the right foot, here was the before we were working with:

pretty typical early nineties traditional.

after new carpet, paint, draperies, bedding, plumbing fixtures, lighting, hardware, and changing the existing queen sized bed to a king by having a new headboard and footboard made for the posters, here is where we are today:
DSC_0981 copyDSC_0985 copyDSC_0968 copyDSC_0989 copyDSC_0992 copyDSC_0978 copyDSC_0971 copy
i dont know if these pictures do it justice, but its one of those rooms you enter and just want to "stay awhile."  very relaxing, as a bedroom well should be!

i wish i had taken a close up of the draperies, as they were the prettiest soft white cotton-linen blend that took me forever to find the right "hand".  when i found out my clients house sold, one of the first questions i asked was: you kept the drapes, right? to which they responded: well by the time we thought about it we asked and the buyers said they definitely wanted them - sigh.

*tear* ;)

again, we will just have to fashion a repeat in their next bedroom!  i guess thats what happens when your house sells, and sets the definition of, "all of a sudden". 

hope you enjoyed!
and i will be posting {what i think is} one of the neatest on-the-go recipes for all you busy moms and not-moms out there SOON!

have a great weekend - emory's crib bumper accent fabric finally came in so i will be celebrating national sewing month in TRUE form this weekend! hooray!



  1. I love the new bedroom. It is great to see a color on the walls other than white and a bedroom with carpet instead of hardwood, rarely seen on design blogs but that is what most people have!

    Also love the little sewing projects you posted!

  2. sniff....sniff! Love ya'll, La

  3. beautiful; peaceful; calming, serene...now that's a bedroom to live in!
    I didn't know fabric's hand, but that makes so much sense. I learned something today.
    Good luck on the sewing.

  4. You are so talented! Love the colors going on in the bedroom!

  5. what a change! looks so peaceful :) love love love that bolster & bedskirt fabric.

  6. What a wonderful change! Love the colors. Love the fact that in the "after" you could see the beautiful arch above the doors. Great Job!


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