is this for real???

DSC_0003 copy

speaking from the source, i have to admit that it is indeed real.

i have heard the following comments over the past few days:
"i think you should go run a few miles!"
"dont touch it! its gonna fall out any second!"
"you know youre having a baby right?" then laughing
"WOA please tell me you are due soon"
"are you sure you just didnt get fat" to which i responded "no this is just what happens after i eat lunch at cracker barrel"
"that has GOT to be heavy" {it is}
"how do you breathe??"
"i mean...man...thats....woa....thats a lot of baby"

all but two of those were from total strangers.
its a good thing we go in tomorrow {yes tomorrow} to have this little lady! i dont know if either of us can take any more, um, expanding.

my sister will update as she did with bennett, and, if you dont mind, any prayers you have time to make for a healthy little girl would be greatly appreciated! im halfway expecting her to come out crawling just cause i feel like ive been pregnant months longer than i was with bennett, even though its only been two weeks ;)

have a good week! ill be busy snuggling on the glorious prefection that is a newborn baby.
{which will completely void all the other things that come with the week after having a baby, right?.....RIGHT}

{for the snuggling part :) }



  1. Will be thinking of you and praying for you tomorrow! Can't wait to see her!!

  2. You look awesome, most people would love to look like you the day before their bebe was born. Good luck tomorrow!! I know she will be worth it all.

  3. Oh YES!!! It's all real and all HER!!!! Can't wait! I know you feel quite unusually largish, but it will all be worth it to hold that precious Miss Emory...... although I foresee alot of waiting to hold her in your future! With all "her people" waiting to love her, she won't know what to think! Well, it'll be ok. After all, Bennett has turned out JUST RIGHT! :-)Praying,praying and love ya'll lots, La

  4. I think you look great! Good luck tomorrow. I will keep y'all in my prayers! Can't wait to see pictures of that precious baby girl!

  5. Will be praying for ya'll tomorrow! Can't wait to see pictures of baby Emory!

  6. I recently started reading your blog so of course, you don't know me. But you look gorgeous!!! You have a perfect belly bump and good luck tomorrow. There's nothing like snuggling a newborn. :)

  7. Ok..I'm envious of you-what an exciting, precious time! And of course-praying too!

  8. Blessings on a smooth delivery! I will be praying for ya'll tomorrow!

  9. can't wait to meet her!!! Praying for you guys!!!

  10. Prayers for a healthy baby and a perfect delivery! I can't wait for updates. I love the pregnancy comments. Hilarious!

  11. Love the new blog look and I'll be waiting anxiously on blog updates from Erin. Can't wait to see pictures of that sweet baby girl!

  12. We will be thinking of ya'll tomorrow and certainly keeping you and baby Emory in our prayers. Looking forward to updates and pictures!!!

  13. Woohoo---baby 2.....2morrow!!! So excited for ALL of you guys. Prayers will be going up tonight AND tomorrow as little miss Emory makes her debut into this world. Tell yiur mom-in-law she better keep me posted!! Love ya'll!

  14. Oh, Nat! You look beautiful!!! I got on just to check Emory's status. Thoughts and prayers coming from Birmingham. Good luck and I can't wait to see miss Emory!

  15. I can't wait for the snuggles either!!!!!!!! We will be praying and EAGER to get our hands on your girl!!!!!

  16. You look amazing and I cannot wait to hear all about miss Emory!!!!! The boys are sooooo super excited to get another girl 2nd cousin!! :) We're praying for ya'll!!!!

  17. Congratulations, Natalie! I definitely feel your pain. Last week two different people asked me if I was having twins! I swear, people just don't know when to stop. We will be praying for your family tomorrow!

  18. You look fantastic...can not wait to meet our sweet little girl. Already scanning the calendar to find a time to come hold her.
    Love to you all, Aunt Elizabeth


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