oh i love him

getting in the car to go to church:

"mommy you not driving your truck?"
no baby daddy is going to drive today
"your tummy too big for you to drive your truck?"

on the way to church:

"daddy, dont break mommas truck."
"momma, daddy can go a little bit fast."
"daddy, just go a little bit fast."

after his nap today, as i lay on his bed with him before we get up:

bennett what is your favorite color?
"blue.  and green.  and blue."
"momma what is your favorite color?"
i like blue and green too. pretty colors.
"no, momma you can have......white."
ok i like white too.
"and red? you like red too?"
well, i like blue and green and white better than red.
"oh.  well emory can have pink and purple."
thats perfect.  i know she will love pink and purple. what about daddy?
"daddy can have white too.  and red. and mommy you can have yellow."
very good plan.

after his nap today, as he is taking off his pull up and putting on his underwear:

youre doing such a good job buddy.  miss amy {his teacher} is going to be so proud of you that you can do it all by yourself
"yes she is.  she is going to sing me the big boy song."
oh she is? how does the big boy song go?
"big boy so-ong, big boy song! big boy so-ong, biiiiiiig boooooooy soooooooong!!!!!" {the ending note is in a note so high only a two year old could reach it - i would love to see miss amy attempt that song :) }



  1. Love that big boy! and ya'll :-),La

  2. you could probably come back to this post & update once an hour w/ another funny story out of that boys mouth. <3

  3. i keep having dreams of bennett calling me and just saying "hey rachel!" over and over again. i suppose it is because i miss him!!

  4. Precious moments! Out of the mouths of babes. I'm soo glad you wrote these down.


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