our beach weekend

which was unlike any beach weekend ive had in quite awhile - if ever.

i spent most of it INSIDE. sacrelig i know.
my sis was up at the crack of dawn shuttling her hubby to the airport for a bachelor weekend in vegas {i know - go big or go home, right?!?} so she swung by, picked us up, and the three of us headed down to the beach early friday morning to miss the traffic.

stephen came down later in the afternoon and he and i had a real-live date friday night.  at 6pm.  and we were home by 7:45 ;).  dont you DARE say we are old.  {we know we are} {thanks erin for baby sitting!}

saturday morning, we took benney woe to the gulf shores zoo.  i was honestly not looking forward to the heat factor, but it was surprisingly pleasant in the shade - low humidity and a nice nearly-cool breeze.  jack and "baby charlie" {and their momma} met us there and you should have seen the jack-bennett reunion...running to each other screaming each others names while bennett is "whistling" {making high pitched woo-oo-woo! noises over and over again} and immediately telling each other to "come see this jack!" "bennett follow me!".  so precious.
DSC_0729 copy
i thought this picture was so funny - looks like both of them are uncomfortably avoiding eye contact:
DSC_0730 copy
the only pic i captured of bennett and jack together:
"baby charlie" was there, too
DSC_0736 copy
im really excited about returning to the zoo when its a little cooler and the animals arent as lazy :)

i am so happy/thankful that erin was there to help entertain my rambuncious toddler - i could only stand so much time in the hot sun and sticky wet tankini {will be so happy to throw those things OUT...well, if tummy-after-second-baby allows it}.
DSC_0739 copyDSC_0740 copyDSC_0758 copy
thanks, auniE, for being on the receiving end of this about-to-jump daredevil.

bennett had a blast swimming the mornings away and mommy and bennett had a blast resting off the afternoons.  it was actually nice not to have the "pressure" to lay out or anything.  i quite enjoyed my showered, inside beach time for a change.  R-E-L-A-X

after much bugging by me, i finally got my sis to take a few pictures of bennett and me.  i knew how i wanted to "pose" with him...just bc this how i actually do carry him these days.  someone pointed out recently that we are going to have to make sure bennett knows he cant sit on emory when she is actually born ;)
erin took this on saturday, and after looking at them i realized i needed to wear makeup, and maybe brush my hair, for the next "photoshoot"...i had to black and white this one out to save you all:
DSC_0831 copy bw
these ended up a little better, but of course we couldnt ever get bennetts face AND my face to cooperate at the same time
DSC_0886 copy
DSC_0908 copy
DSC_0910 copy

i also took advantage of a smiley-after-a-long-nap bennett and snapped some solo pics of my bud...
DSC_0810 copy
 DSC_0825 copy
here is a face ive been getting a LOT of these days:
DSC_0783 copy

the rest of the fam came down saturday afternoon and sunday was spent swimming, fishing,
eating, and just hanging out
DSC_0933 copy
while i might not have been up for spending a lot of time outside, i did get a lot of things done this holiday weekend, mainly sewing a band of the same headboard fabric on the leading edge of bennett's drapes.  on monday when we got home we were able to hang up bennett's drapes, "dress" his beds, and make this possible:
DSC_0937 copy
thats right! one night in the "big boy bed" is under our belt and we have great news to report: he did wonderfully! it might have taken him a good hour and a half to scope out his new room and feel comfortable enough to fall asleep, but he didnt budge until 7:30 this morning.
however he did NOT take a nap today, but he hasnt taken naps on school days since it started a couple weeks ago.  i would expect him to be even MORE sleepy than usual on school days, but instead he just seems wired.  thankfully he rolled around, read books, and sang for three hours so, for me, that counts as a "nap"/quiet time.

happy labor day!
DSC_0878 copy

ill be back later with a handy dandy recipe i know you will love



  1. Oh my goodness Natalie you are absolutely GLOWING in those pictures. You look amazing!!!! And bennett is looking like such a big boy now. Can't wait for him to have a little sister :)

  2. That first picture of you and Bennett is amazing. You look great!

  3. Agreeing with everyone...you look wonderful! I only wish I looked like that right before delivering #2..oh well! Cannot wait to hear about sweet baby girl's arrival..What a sweet family you have!

  4. This is terrific! I love these pics and ya'll look great! What a nice weekend! Bennett has grown allll the way up,,,,and sleeping in his big boy bed,too? Oh my! Yay! Love ya'll, La

  5. these pictures are GREAT!!! so glad you documented this stage of pregnancy...you do it oh so well.

    jack was thrilled to see their zoo pictures and i'm totally stealing that one of charlie boy, thank you! : )

  6. Stunning, Natalie! Beautiful pictures; beautiful subjects. So proud of Bennett moving to his Big Boy room, but it looks awesome, so how could he resist!

  7. Ditto to all of the comments, you look awesome, and Bennett is the cutest!

  8. Great photos! Your little boy does not seem so little anymore, especially in his new bed. Enjoy the final weeks leading up to your daughter's arrival :)

  9. you DO look awesome. the pictures turned out great if i do say so myself! i had SUCH a fun time this weekend: at the zoo, babysitting, & swimming with B! :)

  10. and ps that picture of bennett and the goat (?) is awesome

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics of you and your little man! Those are just precious! You look beautiful and he is adorable!!


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