getting back to our {new} normal

it takes some time of course.
not to say that im...ahem...forcing it, but i DID squish my wedding bands back on my finger today.  with closed eyes and pursed lips i made it right past my knuckle and they stopped.  and then i had to force them over my newly established finger fat to rest in their old home.  it will take a chainsaw to get these things off.  its ridiculous. but i love them and the glory is worth all the pain...right?...i did tell stephen to please help me keep an eye out on my finger, in case it turns BLACK from lack of circulation.
lovely picture im painting, right?

ok on to a better one:

im absolutely loving having a newborn again.  i practically make out with her head and cheeks all day long.  and her ears.  and her hands.  and her belly.  her belly that still has that stinking umbilical thing left on it.  yeah right "it will fall off within ten days"...bennetts took three weeks and hers looks like it might take just a bit longer.  we are excitedly anticipating a real bath. 

we have tried some tummy time and she actually liked it.  unlike my first little man.  but these two babies, while they may look like twins at times, are sooo different.  one of those fun things you live and learn with your second :)  shes not a paci gal, while bennetts was glued to his mouth at all times.  she likes her arms snuggled tightly at her side - either swaddled or just wrapped tight. bennett did NOT.  shes been a champion nurser from day one, literally, while bennett and i took a good two or three months for it to feel "routine" or remotely "easy" for either of us.  and did i mention that she has hair? :) {yes even on her arms as you can see below..hehe}
but they both were/are good sleepers...once we got them on a schedule of sorts.  emory is incredibly predictable and consolable... but BOY does she have a temper :)  she will go from quiet and cooing to all out red-faced SCREAMS in a matter of milliseconds. 
dirty diaper?
guuuuurl you better get that thing off RIGHT. NOW. or you will hear about it. 
sun in her eyes?
no mam get the girl some shades.
forgotten burp?
lift me up and get ta pattin' asap
cold hands?
warm breaths, mittens, throw them things in the microwave she doesnt care - but you better figure out something or the roof will be blown off this joint.

she might be quite the fiesty one, but even in her biggest crazed fits its easy to calm her.  we are yet to have anything remotely resembling THIS.  {thank heavens and knock on wood and all that jazz}

oh, and this one? lets just say terrible-ly terrific almost three year old. :)
sassy pants will be throwing a fit bc i broke his bagel into two pieces and i have to "put it baaaaaack! put it back together now momma!!!! ahhhhhh!!!" on minute and then talking quietly to his sister, stroking her cheeks and saying "hey pretty.  hi there pretty girl. you are soooooo sweet emory" the next.  from tantrums and spastic fits to cuddles and "yes mam"'s  "thank you so much mommy"'s and "can i share this with you mommy?"'s.
iiiii think i can handle it. 
{ask me again tomorrow when he throws his sippy cup on the floor bc he saw me put water in his juice or when he asks me literally 80 incessant times while im trying to feed/change/soothe emory if he can take his motorized thomas outside to play in the dirt - when he knows the answer is and will always be NO}




  1. I love them. Isn't it crazy to compare your two AND the differences in yourself with the two of them? Great pictures!

  2. you are going to so enjoy looking back on this in a few years. priceless memories otherwise forgotten :)

  3. funny comparisons. and love those pictures. i cant believe its been "so long" since i've seen them. must come visit soon :)

  4. Ahhhhh...yes! I love baby feet! And I am so glad she is another good sleeper. Seems like almost everything is better when Mom and Daddy get alittle shuteye too! Isn't Bennett adorable? :-) Love him and her and ya'll, La

  5. Love the little feet! So funny that your little 'gurl' knows what she likes and lets you know it. So wonderful that you are all getting your sleep, and falling into the new normal :)


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