here and there and that and this and so forth and what not

goodness gracious i am on a roll...the posts are flowing like a river for some reason.

and both children are asleep {well, again, maybe one is awake but he is in his room so that kinda counts} and what do i do? yeah yeah i BLOG.

there are so many reasons this time of year is my favorite -
cooler weather - tell that to our 80-something degree days weve been having - but thankfully our recent rain brought some amazing temps,

jeans - could live in them year round and own about 25 pairs...but only the dear sweet jeggings fit right now so im in jean purgatory until the others fit again,

scarfs - been frequenting target for diapers - i forgot how many of those things babies go through in the beginning - and seem to find a scarf on clearance every trip.  its a disease - the scarf-buying that is,

three of my most recent purchases - dont worry hubs, all three total out at $9

fires - sadly havent had one of those yet, but our wood has been delivered so we are ready and waiting,

paperwhites - i remembered!!  i always want to force paperwhites, but always "remember" when they happen to be blooming in everyone elses home.  this year i bought two dozen bulbs and planted them in a tin container i thrifted back in the spring.
 ive been anxiously waiting to plant them. 
and i dont know what it is, but i am drawn to dragonflies...
emorys dragonfly pillow
 i love them

 and of course,


when i signed up to be in charge of the preschool halloween party, i knew i was going to have a four week old in tow.  let that stand as a testament to how much i love the holiday.  and now i think i need a disclaimer... i love the childrens version of halloween...the dressing up and the spiders and webs and pumpkins and fall and bats and ghosts and "five little pumpkins sitting on a gate."  {and, yeah, i also love dressing up so the adult halloween is a fun thing, too} HOWEVER i was severely disturbed when i went into the local halloween superstore looking for a hat for bennetts costume.  UGH!! there is some nasty gross ridiculous stuff out there...im sorry but that is just GORE and NOT halloween.  just thought i needed to set the record straight.

carrying on:
i had a blast figuring out what to do for the preschool party, and a not-so-much-of-a-blast actually doing it.  thats where procrastinating will get you...frantic with a destroyed kitchen and house in the process.  i dont know what im thinking half the time {about the procrastinating part - i loooove themed crafty things - DUH}.
pumpkin applesauce, marshmallow spiders, string cheese brooms, ghost "honey bread" {pb&honey}, pumpkin jugs from party city
but of course in hindsight it was all worth it to see all those precious kiddos in their halloween finest :) and now i reserve the right to hold back pictures of bennett in his halloween costume until halloween is over...just bc he has a costume function everyday from wednesday-sunday and i am yet to get a good picture of him in his get-up.  believe me, it will be worth the wait.

and have i mentioned that this pretty pretty princess is one month old?
i know.  she is all smiles and coos and pretty f-i-e-r-c-e.
i could eat her with a spoon
we are still working on pointing our eyes in the same direction at the same time
but i still love this picture :)

ok, back to what i should have been doing....
like cleaning up this
 and folding this



  1. i LOVE that first pic of Emory, my favorite yet!

    today was so fun and so so so cute. great job!

  2. oh my gosh emory looks like such a big girl!!! and like she is snapping in that picture with her arms in the air.
    you know i love scarves. i think word got out last year that i did and i received 5 over the christmas season.
    that halloween-themed meal is so cute! where did you get those ideas? the spider is my favorite.
    thank you for entertaining me in the last 30 minutes of work today. :)im sure you knew id be one of the firsts to comment!

  3. Welllllll-----I, for one, am thrilled that the blogging is frequent! And I'll bet I could name a few others, too! Anyway, the party was way too cute...and healthy to boot! Great job with it all! The kitchen and laundry will still be there whenever ya'll get back to them! :-( Looking forward to costume pics, but I always love kissin' the real things! :-) Love ya'll, La

  4. YES La, loving all this bloggin and the pictures. Love that one of Emory with her hands up, stretching I suppose.
    Enjoyed the school Halloween party - Bennett and his buds in their finest Halloween garb - so, so cute. And you, Momma, looked fabulous in your zebra outfit (per Bennett) hehe
    Still can't believe you took this on with a brand new newborn, but yes, I can...you love Halloween! What neat ideas for the food!

  5. SUPER MOM! What a cute lunch you came up with! ADORABLE!

    LOVE those pictures of Em. Can't wait to see both of them in their Halloween costumes :)

  6. I can not wait to see both of your precious little ones this weekend. Love Aunt Elizabeth

  7. Our laundry looks similar and I have no newborn to use as an excuse!

  8. I love the snacks!!! great job and very creative!! Emory looks beautiful!


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