monogrammed bedding

there is something so nice about a good monogram
phoebe howard via decorpad

and i have always been one to care whether or not the initials spell something.  heaven forbid they do -  the poor child will have about a 5 year stint of being made fun of in school...or called names.  maybe not a big deal, but not cool regardless.
its actually one of the reasons we took so long to name emory fully - i over-analyzed all the sounds and words her initials might spell with the middle names we were considering.  we ended up with ruth, my middle name, my moms middle name, and my grandmothers middle name...and her initials are "ERR".  it took me a long time to get over the fact that a) her initials spell a sound and b) her initials mean "to make a mistake."

call me crazy {my closest friends do}, but it mattered to me.  {obviously the sheer beauty and meaning of the name meant A LOT more!!! :) and now that i see her name and initials on everything, i couldnt be happier.}

like i said, i love the look of a tailored monogram on bedding.  it adds just the right touch.  leontine linens especially has fabulous style {and you pay for it, of course :)}:
miles redd's apartment via newyorksocialdiary

brenda kelly kramer interiors via leontine linens

brenda kelly kramer interiors via leontine linens

cathy kincaid interiors via leontine linens

mary mcdonald via domino

badgley mischka's bed via elle decor

 shannon bowers via dallasnews

other great monograms:
via houzz

my sewing machine embroiders, but i do not have the software that allows it to do so.  i also didnt want to spend $40 or so per pillow to get the monogram done as large as i wanted it.  SO when it came to making bennetts bedding, i had to improvise.

i simply went on microsoft word, found a font i liked {in this case it was "Birch Std", most likely downloaded off of 1001freefonts.com}, blew it up to the right size, and printed it.
then i cut the letters out, pinned them on the white fabric i was using, traced over them with a water soluble fabric pen, and cut them out.

then i used a tight zig zag stitch on my sewing machine and attached each letter to the pillow.

i know sometimes its easier {and actually cheaper} to just buy things, but when you suffer from severe i-want-what-is-in-my-head-and-i-cant-find-it-anywhere-itus, sometimes this is the only way to get it.
im really happy with how it turned out.  it might not be exactly leontine-esque, but it will do for this chica {and her three year old who doesnt know the difference anyway} :)



  1. Bennett's shams look awesome!! I love monogrammed linens.

  2. love it! cant wait for the room to be finished so you can show off some before and afters to the blog world! :)

  3. Love those monograms! :-) And love ya'll! La

  4. i love those pillows! really might do that for the boys big boy room

    and you know i'm with you on the hesitate to spell things with initials thing too. LOTS of three letter words end in S so we've run up against that one quite a bit. We tossed around a name for a while till I realized his initials would be WAS and that was all it took for it to be off the list forever.

    Emory's name couldn't be more perfect AND she will likely have a new last name one day! SO SO glad she is Emory Ruth!!

  5. I love all of them... I want that orange bedding! you are so good!

  6. I love your version on bRm's pillow, it has an antique look! And love that font, I'll add it to my list.

  7. i need to download some new free fonts on my new computer.....

    LOVE his pillows.... i wish i could monogram EVERYTHING! :)

  8. You know I love some monograms!

  9. I love monograms and you should see the looks Harrison gets here in California with his name across his shirt!! And I am seriously contemplating "borrowing" Bennett's design =)

  10. and oh, what a fabulous job you did with this project, leon-ti-natty!
    I love the fifth picture - gorgeous; and Bennett's room is awesome, and he DOES care cause he's so proud of his big boy room :)

  11. wow. that looks so awesome. way to go! I can't wait to see the rest of the room.

  12. i find it interesting that one of those beautiful example bed's pillows don't have the same last name initial.... hmmmmm


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