much ado about pumpkin'

its that time of year.

pumpkins pumpkins everywhere. 
DSC_0622 copy
 his previous pumpkin met its demise over the black tarp fence in the background...oops

in the patch,
DSC_0628 copy
on the table, 

by the front door,

carved up nice and, um, pretty...
and {my favorite} all up in FOOD!

ive seen several different pumpkin recipes recently i would love to try.
pumpkin is such a versatile ingredient 
{as is chocolate, but that is a post all on its own... :) }
here are just a few to put you in the pumpkin-in mood:

and for all my gluten-free friends, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies via glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com

 what? i just listed about ten desserts you can make with pumpkin and you were hoping for something that contained a little less sugar? well maybe you should have your head checked because what is better than a delicious pumpkin-themed sweet?!?   
oh.  well heres a healthy recipe for pumpkin soup via cookinglight
ok it really does sound good and i might just try it soon.  
BUT my sweet tooth is O.O.C. {thats "out of control" by the way [mom]}
DSC_0468 copy
emory says: "out. of. control."

and just in case you are subject to a rumored "pureed pumpkin shortage", 
here is a recipe {via pioneer woman} for making your own

and just in case you STILL want more, 
i even found a blog completely devoted to pumpkin recipes.  
for realz

and now, just to be fair after posting all those sugary pumpkin-y recipes, 
i have to show you what may happen if your mother consumes 
said sugary treats whilst you are still ... unborn...
DSC_0481 copy



  1. Love me some cheeks! And sweets. And Ya'll! :-) La

  2. She's beautiful. He's beautiful. And I'd really love a pumpkin cinammon roll right about now!

  3. Those little chipmunk cheeks are the best ever. She's just sugary all over. Gonna need my fix this weekend so expect a visit :D
    And now I really want a toasted bagel with pumpkin cream cheese.

  4. Your littlest 'punkin' has to sweetest checks around!
    Bennett is becoming quite photogenic and/or you're getting mighty quick in taking the shot! Those at the pumpking patch are beautiful!
    Oh, I'm wanting some pumpkin cinnamon roll - YUM

  5. i dont even know if i like pumpkin infused goods (but im sure i would).... but I KNOW that i love me some B & em cheeks!!! :)

  6. for some reason your pictures (your personal pics not from the web) will not show up on my screen and a few other blogs have the same problem...do you upload them through another source? I'm trying to figure out why its doing this. Plus I'm dying to see your sweet baby girl!

  7. oh my gosh. love your new posts - I have been waiting for more emory pics! loooove those cheeks! :) i have a recipe for chicken enchiladas with pumpkin sauce...it's quite yummy!


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