pecky cypress

{this post was written before emory was born, was supposed to automatically post but apparently did not...oops!}

pecky cypress is a material i spent a lot of time spec-ing in my past life.  the firm i worked for loved that wood, and i developed a great love for it, too - not really knowing that much about it.

now, i just know every time i see it i am drawn to it.  and then i opened my newest coastal living and almost had a heart attack.

as if i needed another reason to obsess over the work of bobby mcalpine and susan ferrier {seriously, it just cant be fair to be that talented...}, they used this particularly favorite wood of mine in a gorgeous rosemary beach home.

i had to share.
kitchen cabinets made of pecky cypress...the muted gray is perfect.  the iridescent back splash dresses it up just enough, but does not compete or take anything away from the wood itself.  i love how the pecky wood is mixed with the darker wood floors - yet another example of how everything doesnt have to be "matchy-matchy" in a house.  mix finishes and styles and tones to achieve a more personal touch.  whenever finish/style/tone/color in a house matches exactly, or doesnt change from room to room, it equals builder home to me.  builder home=nightmare.  im just sayin'.

close ups
faucet looks to be one of my favorites, the bridge faucet with side spray by perrin and rowe, which i used here {which i realize i need to do an updated post on!!}, but with optional deck unions.  the sink is a custom poured concrete apron front. interesting.  love the way the windows come all the way down to the counter.

its just so....pecky.

the "pecky" part actually is a result of fungus attacking the cypress wood, leaving grooves and pockets behind.
its generally found at the bottom of swamps and rivers and other bodies of water.  when the wood is cut for use {paneling, cabinets, flooring, etc} it reveals these gorgeous lines and grooves as seen below:
picture via retrorenovation.com

the tricky part is that pecky cypress is rare, and sometimes its not even know if the particular log of cypress is even "pecky" until its cut into.  just like regular cypress, pecky cypress is incredibly durable with rot and insect resistance.  it is initially a golden color, but left untreated it ages to the perfect grayish tone as seen in most of the pictures in this post.

i just looooooove it.

other pics of the home: {my scanner is broken, so pictures of pictures will have to do for now!}
what a view {inside AND out!}. im not usually a fan of two story spaces - they usually seem cold and too open for me.  however this space is done so right.  i also love the look of the window's dark divided lites, and they are right in line with the aesthetics/architecture of the home, but i think in this case i would rather have an uninterrupted view of the ocean...

gorgeous upholstered headboard with nailhead trim detailing, neutral linens, and a beautiful detail of draperies continuing behind the bed - love the texture.  and im trying to figure out what the greenery is by the bed? magnolia leaves?  notice the clear lucite/glass lamp - smart detail allowing a relatively unobstructed view outside! 

another view of the bedroom.  i want to read a book on that daybed.  more linen roman shades, popular garden stool, magnolia leaves.  i love bringing the "green" indoors - just wish i was dedicated enough to it so as to avoid having week-old-dead leaves where fresh pretty alive ones should be :)

crazy tall lamps...look a lot like these on steroids.  love the beams and neutral palette - puts emphasis on the outdoors

another view of the living room.  pecky cypress paneling behind artwork - GORGEOUS.  lots more linen. linen always makes a space seem effortless to me - but then again it also makes me nervous to think about sitting down on it??? maybe its just me having two children...but in my children-are-grown world, linen is niiiiiice. :)

close up

and in case you are inspired and wanting to see more {we could all use a higher dose of pecky}, here are some other uses of the wood:
pecky cypress walls by beneki homes in atlanta.  love the unexpected punch of the orange.  and that light fixture is crazy! in a good crazy kind of way

pecky cypress ceiling, house beautiful

untreated pecky cypress ceiling, house beautiful

what is there not to love about this picture??  the ceiling, the walls, the floors, the deep chocolate velvet covered sofa and the punch of baby blue.  of course it is also designed by mcalpine, booth, and ferrier, house beautiful

pecky cypress walls, designed by ty larkins via cote de texas

pecky cypress everything, tracery interiors

lower part of the stairs seen in previous picture.  just perfect! by tracery interiors

and now to thank you {i.e. the grandparents and family :) } for reading a post that is NOT about our new little lady, here is your just reward:
DSC_0501 copycouldnt you just EAT her??? i mean seriously - those ROLLS - the lady even has them on her FOREARM.

DSC_0520 copyDSC_0548 copy



  1. Thanks for including our work on your lovely blog and congratulations on your new project. She's adorable!

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  3. Well, the above post is awesome. as is your post itself. i get chills when i see most of mbf's/mt's work. it is truly a look all to its own.
    and ending the post with those beyond precious pictures, she truly is perfection :)

  4. I need some of ALL of the above in my immediate vicinity asap!

  5. ok. yes - she is gorgeous, and yes - I could eat her up! loooove those sweet arms and cheeks!

  6. Gorgeous all around! Pecky cypress is pretty cool....but Little Miss...well, SHE is perfect and much more fun to hold! :-) Love ya'll, La

  7. Natalie--thanks for including us in this post, we love pecky cypress too! The photo with the striped chair and sunburst mirror is also by us--it's actually the bottom half of the stair pictured later in the post! In that particular home, we wrapped the entire family room and staircase in paint-glazed pecky cypress covering every surface. The end result is everyone's favorite space in the home!

  8. This may well be my favorite post ever! I mean by anyone, ever!!! I adore pecky cypress and the work of Bobby McAlpine and his oh so gifted friends! The images you shared are all going in my "someday file".
    Your baby is so precious . Enjoy every single second with her.

  9. Love this post...beginning to end! As a mother of a little one these rooms will go in my "one day" file! And Miss Emory is just precious!!

  10. Thank you, Nat! I am SOOOO rewarded! Just love feasting my eyes on the work of MB&F! And the Beneki room is gorgeous (me? loving the orange?!) And then....the most precious little face of Miss Emory! 'Eyes open' pics are the only way I'm seeing her eyes right now.
    Thank you for sharing great taste!

  11. Dear friend
    where the top pictures of the cypress kitchen are coming from?

  12. Nat, this post is SO great! I love that you showed something so beautiful, used in so many different ways, and taught me something.

    Plus, Miss Emory is such a treat at the end;)!

  13. Thanks for including our work, Benecki Homes
    , in your post. We enjoy using Pecky Cypress and building homes designed by McAlpine Tankersley has greatly influenced our work. We often ask ourselves "What would Bobby do?"


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