smarty pants

as we were leaving the park today {my first official outing on my own as a momma of two! and dont leap with excitement, the park is only 5 minutes away and other than me pushing a stroller, there really wasnt anything out of the ordinary about it! and the weather was SUPERB!!!}
DSC_0403 copy

anyway, as we were leaving the park today, i squirted some hand sanitizer in bennetts hands.  as he was rubbing his hands together he said:
b: this puts all the germs on my hands
momma: it actually cleans the germs off your hands. it gets all that dirt off.
b: momma what is this called?
momma: its called hand sanitizer.
b: no momma...what is it called? {asking me very slowly}
momma: hand. sanitizer. {sounding it out for him very slowly}
b: NO momma. its called Germ-X.

DSC_0412 copy
{bennett and his friend walker}



  1. What a smart little fella-literally! And Emery is beautiful!

  2. Congrats on baby Emery!! She is adorable. My little nephew calls it GermX also with an emphasis on the G it is funny!

  3. Smarty pants indeed!! So sad we missed playing today, that pic of B & W is GREAT!!!!!!

  4. I am soooooo impressed! Five minutes away notwithstanding.....you were OUT with Two kids that you had to get ready and....one of them is not even a week old and all the paraphrenalia....????? and....yourself! Way to not miss a beat, Miss! I'm still impressed! Love ya'll, :-) La

  5. What a smart little boy!! And what a precious picture of little Emory :)

  6. Smart little boy! Great picture of Bennett and his bud, Walker. Oh, you captured one of Emory's smiles...so sweet. Way to go, Momma!

  7. He is sooo cute, and so is your new little lady. Have you gotten used to the pink yet?!


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