why is it

that three year olds decide to stop taking their THREE HOUR NAPS at the exact moment their little sister is born??

i am slowly coming to grips with my "new normal" - which involves minimal to no "natalie time." and by minimal i mean maybe i get to go to the bathroom once a day uninterrupted.  lets just say there is a reason us "traditionalists" make the decision to get married and then have children...


please dont take my snarkiness as being unappreciative or complaining, bc i am truly happy and content with this wonderful life.  immensely happy.  but even in the midst of immense happiness, one might require a tall glass of this to restore their sanity:

the "mommy needs a break" milkshake 
to be enjoyed during the auburn game whilst both children are sleeping 
one child is sleeping and the other is in their room 
with the door closed 
making loud train noises and tee-teeing in their pull up
  • one package of frozen strawberries
  • oh maybe five scoops of vanilla ice cream
  • lotsa good squirts of chocolate syrup
  • three oreos {could easily add half a package if desired}
  • enough milk to help it blend well, maybe one cup?
  • optional: add a lot of vodka {i did not, but im just sayin'}
  1. blend well.
  2. turn down monitor in three year olds room so as not to be disturbed by loud train noises
  3. drink.it.up.
  4. war eagle
serves 4, but can easily serve one as the remaining portions 
can be stored in freezer and hidden from children 
for future emergencies use 

if you wonder when i have time to blog, its only when husband is home 
and babies are asleep and/or watching a movie. ;)
its how i unwind.
that and work on floorplans for clients.
two things i like to do when i DO get that little second of
"natalie time."
{plus so far all the non-baby related posts were written awhile back,
just never posted - i do that a lot, write as i have ideas but
not post until later/i remember i wrote them :)}

and now, baby's gotta eat!
happy saturday!



  1. i wish i were drinking that right now watching this football game! WAR EAGLE.

  2. Yumm that milkshake sounds good!

    Your Nat time will increase, I promise! Until then, escape when your hubby comes home even if it is for 20 quiet min in your bedroom!

  3. WDE! AND let me know when you find an answer to the ? About the older sibling and their naps! And I was just telling my mom how crazy it is that now 1 min in the bathroom ALONE can bring happiness! Thankful for all the other non-alone time too, of course!

  4. Bless your heart, sweetie! I am laughing hysterically....but not AT you...just at the situation! The picture of Bennett is probably how you feel too! :-) And...btw, that milkshake sounds wonderful! Use whatever means you can to hold on to a semblance of sanity! I find more chocolate is the key! This, too, shall pass! Love ya'll, La

  5. DO. NOT. SCARE. ME. oh wait - you ALREADY DID! :) Just Kidding. Kind of. Love the milkshake solution though! :) Can't wait to experience this new craziness called a family of four!

  6. I need that milkshake today, adding those ingredients to the grocery list! Should probably keep them on stand by ;)

  7. You're hysterical and anyone with more than one child can relate. After Cale was first born, some days I didn't even tee tee until 3 o'clock...TMI, but thought that might make you feel better;)

  8. U R crackin me up!! That milkshake sounds dreamy, which i'm sure is what your world is when it is q.u.i.e.t. (probably rarely).
    It WILL get better, but in the meantime, EBS had a good suggestion, and a date night would do wonders.


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