falling back

i love this time of year.  have i said that enough?  falling back is one of the best parts - finally the time seems normal.  its lighter when i wake up in the morning, and i feel like i get more of an evening with my family/husband.

this past weekend mytwofamilies traveled to the fabulous seaside, fl for the seeing red wine festival.  yes, i was the lady with two kids at a wine festival.  go figure.  we went two years ago when b was about ten months old, and he slept nearly the entire time.  this year...was a different story.

thankfully there were lots of people watching my toddler so i could give the 110% of myself needed to the littlest member of the family {it takes a village, right?}
 all bundled up after her "lunch"

 i am still feeling the stress of parenting two children, and trying to learn how to master it.  its a learning process - splitting my time and energy between the two and still having time and energy to expend on everything else in my life {husband, family members, food, sleep, conversation, etc}.  i know its just going to get easier with time, and honestly the time passing is quite precious priceless time.  

therefore, the weekend seemed like a blur, and this was not due to the wine - believe it or not. :)  its hard to give anyone else but the kiddos 100% of my attention, so the easiest time to do this was after both had gone to bed...and honestly stephen and i werent far behind them! {old fogies} 
but our meal times this weekend, all around the table in the eat-in-kitchen, were my favorite.  
i love my loud, boisterous, hilarious family.  
every last one of them.

and the weather? oh the weather. mmmmm
bennett spent most of the festival on saturday with varying family members...playing in rocks, eating ice cream, playing with "annies blue phone" in his stroller, and dancing for the masses on the lawn to the jazz band
{who needs a nap?}
i wish i wish i WISH i had my video camera with me to catch this boy in action.  he literally just asked if he could go down there, ran down there, and started bouncing and swaying to the music.  he pretty much dropped it like it was hot.  pop even joined him and they were a hit

i didnt get as many pictures as one would think i should, and normally do, but im sure my sister will make up for it.  she was taking pictures of her sweet potato fries.  so i pretty much think shes got the trip covered! :) ill just wait on her post to relive it.

in the meantime, enjoy the moments i did manage to catch on film...memory card.

 {ill have you know we took probably fourteen pictures of us posed just like this, trying to get one we all liked.  and it never happened.  so here was the best of all three, i think...}

if i had to be honest, though, i think this was our best "take":

bennett tried to run away numerous times, but we managed to hang on to the boy. 
and im glad for it, cause he sure is awesome.
does anyone else want to wrap christmas lights around every tree in their backyard?  i do.  does that make me tacky? or just magically twinkly....i prefer to believe the latter.

and whatdoyaknow...christmas is right around the corner {goodie!} so i will hopefully get my christmas light fix SOON.

christmas music?
bring. it. on.



  1. What a fun time! And yes....I think ya'll are pretty awesome! :-) Love ya! La

  2. I am taking the extra amount of time to click on over to your real blog (vs Reader) to comment! Yay! Just wanted to tell you I am still a faithful reader, although I never comment...sorry. And I also wanted to tell you that mothering 2 children gets easier and easier every day. You are doing an awesome job, Nat! I try to cherish each day because they are going to be in High School before we know it :( Love you!

  3. Emory is looking so GIRLY in these pics. Love it.

  4. Um YES to Christmas music RIGHT NOW ... I am listening as I type! Love it! My good friend Annie and her lil fam was in Seaside this weekend too!! Did you see a blonde mama (preggo with twins) and daddy with a white-headed 3-year-old?! Ahh so fun ... I heart Seaside. The babies are beautiful as always!!!

  5. Had a fabulous time! And, you and Stephen rock as parents - it's gonna get easier, and you handled a two yr old and a one month old (I mean, look at those ages!) at a wine festival just fine! XOXOXOXO

  6. Hi! Love your blog and had to show you the pillows I made through your tutorial/ pics of your son's pillows. Now mine are definitely not as good as yours and I made the letters WAY to big, but you live and learn. I wasn't ready for curves yet so I just did block letters, but my boys loved them and I think they turned out pretty cute. Here is my photobucket link if you want to check it out. You can just ignore the other pics but the pillows are close to the end I think. Thanks!!!

  7. You guys are so cute! that wine festival looked like a grand time! And I would totally put lights on everything in my yard, if John would let me :)

  8. It's double the fun now!! Looked like you all had an awesome weekend. Give La a big hug for me-- miss that girl. Once again, Katie is 3-4 months right behind you---her turn for a boy. LOVE your blog---it ALWAYS brings a smile to my face, and more times than not, a laugh in my heart!

  9. SO MUCH FUN!!! I love the pics! By the way - you are doing an amazing job as a mama of two! I know that yall had a great time LOVE YA!

  10. FINALLY getting to read all this! We had a fantabulous time. I love B's face in that picture at the end :)

    also, I'm pretty sure I got out my FLIP video and recorded B dancing ..... now what are we going to do with it? hahaha


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