glamour shots

ive realized second children might not get the camera attention the first did...it couldnt possibly be that you are twice as busy or anything...;)
so em and i had a little photoshoot after her mid-morning snack this past friday.
i thought id share a few
{and while i was uploading these pics i may or may not have been singing "G L A M O R O U S" in my head.  not that i want my daughter to aspire to this mentality, but the song sure was is catchy}



my favorite


i love my hand...

...and my brother {even though it might seem i am rolling my eyes}

*and to answer those who have emailed or commented: i didnt use a template really for the Uprinting.  i just click on the "get a free proof before you pay", then select the option that best represents what design i made {most give you the option of 5x7 or 4x6, common sizes}.  when it came to the actual design of her announcement, i just made it on adobe illustrator, saved it as a jpeg, and then uploaded my design when prompted.  it might also benefit you to get their random emails, bc they have promotions frequently.  {i waited until they had 20% off business cards to get mine made}.  they will also send you a book with samples of all their different types of cardstock/paper offerings for free if you request it. 

hope this clears up some of the confusion!



  1. She is GLAMOROUS! No doubt about it.

  2. She is so feminie and yet so Bennett. Beautiful girl. :)

  3. it really is so special how she lights up when bennett comes near her. you really can tell that she loves him :)
    she is such a beautiful baby. just like her brother. and mommy. and daddy.

  4. o my goodness look at that little (i mean BIG) personality coming through! BEAUTIFUL!

  5. These are wonderful pics! I love seeing those gorgeous eyes...and that smile...and that precious big brother...and....am I missing anything to love about it? :-) Just in case, Love ya'll, La

  6. I can't wait to meet this glamorous gal! If she's anything like her mama then she's pretty darn fabulous. Love ya'll! Happy Turkey Day!


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