oh my-lanta

wow! its been over a week since i posted.  not from lack of things to post about :)
just because i usually post around my pictures {for the most part} and i have NOT TAKEN ANY PICTURES! i dont know what to do with myself...

so this post is for my sister, who is bored at work and wants something to read

this sweet girl

is starting to sleep through the night, and the first time she slept 8 hours was the exact night, to the day, that her brother did as well. {how weird is THAT?} i am thankful for it :)  however we started her on mylanta a couple days ago.  yes, i do believe she has reflux.  i think i let the fact that she is a "happier" baby than bennett cloud over all the warning signs.  i mean, i recognized them from the beginning but started to tell myself i was just looking for her to be a reflux baby.  but the past two weeks have been full of happy smiling baby meets screaming in-pain baby, like a light switch.  so sad.  HOWEVER, with that said, it seems that 1/4tsp mylanta 2xday is working.  like a miracle.  {which was NEVER the case with her brother...we tried everything}

im just thankful that she is so happy - bc i am loving all the coos and smiles and {seriously, stay with me now} giggles.  i know shes not laughing but sometimes it almost sounds like it! 
smiling in her sleep

and look whos stepping out and making an entrance

my paperwhites!
i am much better at keeping indoor plants alive vs. outdoors.  maybe it is bc i am actually inside all the time and see when they need watering.  either way, i am loving the indoor-greenery!

stephen has been extra busy with work and work training recently, so i have been on a mission to get emory and bennetts rooms COMPLETED.  so daunting.  i think and think and THINK about what i want to do so long that i forget to bite the bullet and actually DO it.  both rooms are mainly lacking artwork, while bennetts still needs some furniture.  ive ordered frames and think i have figured out what i want to do in both rooms, so im currently on a roll.  speaking of frames, i have another website to share.


i found them via a google search when i was looking for custom thin gold frames to hang in emorys room.
before i bit the bullet and clicked "confirm order", i was reminded of a post from one of my absolute favorite blogs, pure style home, where she ordered frames for her killer foyer, and i wanted to check out where she ordered hers:
picture by lauren leiss of purestylehome.blogspot.com

lo and behold, they were from the same place! {which made me feel like 150% confident in ordering them.  i think lauren leiss is super cool, so i figured i was in the clear.  ha!}  we even picked out the same finish, antique gold.  so here is yet another good review on the site!

i had to put them together myself when they came in, but for the price and look and custom size it was worth it!
the prints are from this old mother goose book i had as a child.

i ordered one off of ebay to cut the pages out, since i didnt want to 
destroy my old book.  every time i look at them they make me smile
and take me back to my own childhood

 my favorite one {hence its middle placement}.  i want to ride on that horse,
wearing that dress and hat.  i do.
 another old doll of mine, now on display in emorys room. love <3

i also hung some woven shades in both rooms yesterday and it added some much needed texture.  not to mention it keeps the sun from creeping in the top when the curtains are closed.  {ps. bennett informed me while i was hanging them that "those are daddys tools mommy.  daddy is supposed to use them. wait mommy no! thats daddys drill!!".  i assured him it was quite alright for mommy to borrow daddys tools - right daddy? :)}

and on a completely unrelated note, the sea lions came to our local exploreum and bennett loooved them.  he did not like it, however, when the sea lions licked his hair.  a little too close for comfort

 {of course thomas came too}



  1. That mother Goose idea is so awesome!!! I may have to copy you on that one one day! I had that same book.

  2. yay! i got to read it before 5 :)
    love it all and have loved being at your house from time to time to see it getting put all together

  3. Natalie it all looks so great! I cant wait to see both of their rooms, you have amazing style :)

  4. i am dying over the picture of emory sleeping! she really is beautiful!!


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