real vs fake

greenery that is

we are definitely REAL when it comes to trees.  in college my roommates and i had a tiny fake tree that ended up being duct taped.  we loved it.  but growing up we always had huge, beautiful, real trees and i cant imagine it being any other way.

we just got our tree last night and, with 8' ceilings, we are pretty limited in the grandeur of it all.  but this tree is just my style and i think its our best yet {weve pretty much striked out the past couple years!!}.

so while our tree may be real, the rest of our decorations are FAKE.
i am not proud of this.
i would love nothing more than to have real, lovely smelling garland strewn all around my house, but i am yet to tackle the look {and the needles?}.  i plan on it next year, though, as we are planning on remodeling areas of our house next year and REAL greenery will be just what the designer ordered {have i mentioned that? about us working on our house?  i am SO ready...big girl house here i come! :) } {and yes this means we took our house off the market}.

so, since we are sticking with the fake greenery on the mantle this year {and everywhere else}, i thought i would share some real pictures that inspire me for the "someday."

love all the pine cones and color palette

 now THAT makes a statement.  to which i add a "!!!"
there is actually a house that was just built around the corner from me that looks very similar to this.
one of the {many} houses i would love to just drive up to, knock on the door, and ask if i can come in and take pictures of.  bc when the outside of your house is so distinctly styled, you know hope the inside is as well.


wreaths wreaths and more wreaths.  there is no "too much" when it comes to being christmas-AWESOME.
the garland looks like pine but the wreaths look boxwood-y to me.  love the traditional red bows.

lovely white and green.  and burlap.  and paperwhites.  and old books.  and...

i could easily be talked into sitting next to a roaring fire, in what appears to be a mountainous home, sipping some champagne by my REAL tree and my REAL garland.

wreaths over empty frames = love it. gonna use it. when i have a. place to put it.

love the simplicity - just adding simple natural touches to your permanent decor.
and i do love beadboard, books, and white vases.

christmas greenery with a beachy flair
coastalliving via absolutelybeautifulthings

yes please.  i might feel at times as if im living in a forest, but really, is there anything wrong with that? 
im a girl who took fort building as a very serious business as a child.
{and still do.  cannot wait till the kids are old enough to build forts.  now weve just gotta find us some WOODS to build them in.  dang city life.}

just beautiful...'cept i cant REALLY tell if that greenery on the fireplace is real or fake.  oh well the stockings look cute!
decorpad user SVanR

ok maybe im starting to cheat and just using the greenery as an excuse to post a beautifully-simple room...
decorpad user teresa

this southern girl can really appreciate some magnolia leaves.
and lit candles next to fresh greenery.
fire? what?
anything goes y'all - i mean its CHRISTMAS for heavens sake.

what about you?
real or fake?



  1. real baby

    i think we use that same duct-taped christmas tree at our house in shady glenn. *tear*

    i want to see your tree now! :)

  2. REAL!!!
    I had a fake tree for one year in Bham, but I kept having to spray it with the pine smelling Glade. Didnt work as well....

  3. Real....except when living in temporary quarters....OH WAIT! We do have a real tree thanks to the guys who live here! No decorations (they are packed away,) but plenty of TREE! :-) Love ya'll, La

  4. FAKE!!! :) My fam had real trees growing up ... and as much as I LOVE the smell of a real tree, I do NOT love the droopy branches at the end of the season, the needles all over the floor, and the pain of disposing of it. SO we are all about FAAAAKE trees and garlands ... and proud of it! Ha!

  5. Real! Except for the garland on the fireplace! And I thought you'd like that picture ;-)

  6. Real for 51 years of my life, til hubby convinced me 3 years ago to join the world of "fakes"! Miss the smell for sure, thinking of getting some real garland to achieve that! Looking forward to seeing pics of your tree:)

  7. love the real trees (minus all the work involved). we have a fake one from college sitting in our attic only to be used for emergency purposes! haha (AKA, our 1st year of marriage when we got married in Nov & had too much craziness to buy a real tree that year)

    all my garland & wreaths are fake but i think all those pics u posted are gorgeous!

  8. We did real this year! So far so good...duhn duhn duhn!

    I love the real garland and wreaths too--but I don't really have lots of places to put it yet!

    keepin it simple for moment!

  9. real!!! i'm aiming for small this year (you know we go back and forth), since i do the lights and have. got. to. get this decorating going!
    loved the stone fireplace and cabin-y walls in one pic.
    i know a place where forts are going to be the play of the day!

  10. OMG! I forgot about our tiny Christmas tree that we used in college. Good times. I've always had a real tree (except for the college years).

  11. I am absolutely smitten with every image. I am real for sure.


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