reflux, sleeping through the night, and other misc questions answered

i need to preface this post with a couple important disclaimers/statements:

  1. i sincerely apologize to those of you who emailed me/commented/facebook messaged me within the past few weeks with questions concerning these topics...i started to write so many of you back but, as you can imagine, each answer started turning into their own novels and it was wearing me out.  i thought it would be easier to just write it once and let those of you who asked read it at your leisure {and those of you who do not care, not have to scroll past it}.
  2. i am nothing more than a mother of two babies with varying degrees of reflux who also sleep through the night.  i am no expert or reputable source for these topics, but since so many have asked i am happy to share our experiences with both topics and how we deal with them/handle each.  what works for us may not work for you, and that is perfectly fine!  there are so many strong opinions when it comes to parenting, and i find myself somewhere in the middle {i think}.  there is a time and a place for attachment, for parent-directed schedules, for infant-demanded feedings, and everything in between.  the most important thing to note is to do what works for YOU and YOUR baby.  but i hope maybe i can answer some of your questions and help somebody with these two ... short novels ... below.  please dont hesitate to email me with any other questions you may have.  its the least i can do to give back to all of you who always answer my questions on the blog/phone calls/emails {you know who you are! :)}.
  3. there is a very good chance that our babies both slept through the night with no help from us.  they might have just come that way, and i am fully aware of that.  however, the fact that both did so early and, in my opinion, soon after/as a result of actions we took, i do believe is in part due to these actions.  but who knows!  you be the judge

  • for those of you with questions concerning our experiences with reflux/gassy babies, click HERE
  • for those of you wondering what we did {or maybe did not do} to get our babies to sleep through the night, click HERE
  • yes emory is breast fed 
  • emory's striped tights are a gift from a friend from a local children's boutique.  i think they are mud pie brand.
  • most of bennett's clothes come from walmart, target, or consignment boutiques/sales.  at the start of every season i buy up long sleeved shirts {i think the best are from target - $4 each} or short sleeved shirts {from wal mart - $3 each} and have them monogrammed, appliqued, etc to wear with an array of shorts/pants i either a)buy from target/walmart/consignment stores or b)make/have made.  ive always had a hard time spending more money than this on kids clothes they are just going to outgrow in a couple months, but every once in awhile ill take advantage of a children's boutique's sales just to make sure they have the much important "church clothes."  ebay is also a good source if you have the patience/time.  i never buy full price smocked/fancy kids clothes...and i honestly dont think i ever have?
  • yes i do spend my entire day nibbling my daughter.  she is mouth-watering-ly edible.  this is normal, right?
  •  WAR EAGLE! i cant explain how thrilling it is to be an auburn tiger! i am LOVING this season....and cannot wait for january 10th!!!  :)
more {interesting} posts to come - ha!



  1. I love this blog! Your advice, experiences, etc are always so fun to read! And I cannot imagine why you'd nibble that little girl all day (lots of sarcasm here:-))!!

  2. i may need to come by and nibble on b & em this week.

  3. Love love love your blog! I am a first time mom to Scarlett born 9-19 so we have new babies together! I lived your advice on sleeping/schedule. We have a very similar schedule now. She will sleep through the night but wake around 2-3 fussy but never fully awake. I tried just soothing her, paci, bouncing a bit (she needs to move) so she goes back to sleep, but she seemed to wake up a lot before her 6am feeding. So I decided to feed her again at 3 am and she will sleep fine until 6 now. However, looking for advice on how to not get her to eat at 3... Are we just needingore time? She is every 3 hrs in the day now, last feeding around 9. Any good advice from other moms? I'm going back to work next week and would love to keep skipping the 3 am feeding......but it just nay be too early.

    Also, do you give Emory a bath everyday? I would like too b/c she loves it (hates getting out) and I think it signals bedtime better, but I didn't think it was ok with their skin? If not, what us a routine for non-bath days??

    Love reading your blog! You are just precious!

  4. i think i need to print those pages out & save them for my "one day when i have babies" folder (that doesnt exists but i guess i should make one!) haha


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