...months yesterday:
she is
  • huggable
  • kissable
  • edible
  • bright eyed
with crazy long eyelashes
  • smiling
    • spicy
    • a good sleeper

    • a hater of all things dairy
    • and hater of soy formula...yikes...
    • getting stronger by the day
    with mimi on christmas
    • reaching for everything
    • not rolling over yet but sure wants to...both ways
    • a spitter-upper like her brother. hence every pic with a bib.
    • loving her fist
    DSC_1298 copy
    • a fabulous baby she-sus
    {stephen, emory and i were joseph, jesus, and mary respectively at stephens parents churchs "this is christmas" presentation. yes. we. were. funny but special at the same time! :) they had me all turban-ed up to hide my blonde hair...}
    • MINE
    DSC_1395 copy

    ...years today:
    he is
    • spirited
    • stubborn
    • dramatic
    yes we know he is too old for this but he threw his first seriously-public tantrum in walmart when he saw this and we wouldnt buy it for him.  told his annie and bigun the story and lookie what mr b got for his bday from them :) he about had a heart attack

    • helpful
    spreading pine straw with daddy with blankie in pocket "to keep him safe"

    • silly {and loves calling everyone silly"}
    • imaginative
    i was thinking superhero, but he put this on and started singing "shake shake shake, shake your travel cape!" from dora. *sigh*
    in his thomas tent he saw in a magazine and asked for for christmas...in his thomas tent where he pretends to eat his cheerios, drink milk, take a nap, take shelter from the "very very big BIG windy wind" as hes shaking the sides of the tent, run from hyenas, then save said hyena, and build his wooden emergency vehicles to save the hyenas "ageyen {again}" {can you tell weve been watching the lion king?}.

    • in love with trains
    playing with train table christmas morning

    • in love with his sister
    what i found when i heard bennett screaming: "reeeeaaaaach emory! reach reallly high! reeaaaaach!"

    constantly asking to snuggle with her. and "let her take a nap with me puhleeeeease mommy?...yes she IS big enough."
    christmas card outtake

    • a lover of puzzles and building things and really good with his fine motor skills {better believe i LOVE this about him}
    santa thought these wooden toys were great but wasnt really sure if b would agree....great news, he DID! loves them
    admiring his work

    • all about being "a big boy" and "big and strong"
    • precocious
    • independent
    at bellingrath gardens

    • possessive of his people...MY mommy, MY daddy, etc - even calling himself "your boy" when he talks to us about himself :)
    • all boy

    • MINE

    see yall in 2011!



    1. i so enjoyed reading this. so i read it twice. then skimmed over a third time.
      i love your kiddies so much. they are the best
      happy birthday bennett!!

    2. I love YOUR pretty babies! Emory is such a girly B and Of course we think B is fabulous! Happy birthday and happy mama day, Nat.

      Oh and the train dangling over her face had me laugh out loud in the doctors office! :)

    3. Happy 3 months to Emory and 3 years to Bennett! That darn Dora Christmas special---even Sipsey grew tired of it as they played it CONSTANTLY. She actually requested to change the channel when it came on. I caught myself chanting "shake your travel cape" too much during the weeks leading up to Christmas!

    4. Happy 3's to your 2! What a blessed mama-a beautiful baby girl and a handsome little boy! Love all the pics. And just crazy how fast time is flying! Cope will be 1 tomorrow! Wow! Tear, tear!

    5. LOVE LOVE LOVED this long update! can't believe Em is already 3 months!

      we love you very much & are so glad you love your "pushing thomas".

    6. Well, I like to think of these precious babies as MINE too! ;)
      Leaps and Bounds, Nat; they are growing leaps and bounds.
      Such fun; Such joy!
      And that train dangling over her face had me...well, you probably know.
      Love y'all!

    7. Hahahaha! Janice, I KNOW too, what you are thinking about the crane/train over Em! But that big boy won't let anything hurt his baby! What a great post! Been missing some particularly cute kiddos! Love ya'll, La


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