no-mo anony-mo.....us

happy sunday - hope yall are having a wonderful weekend.  im maxing it up at the beach, soaking up time with my girls and the babies.

was just stopping in to explain that i took the "anonymous" option off my commenting.  i have been receiving way too many spam comments recently - and their little english-isnt-my-first-language verbage is driving me insane. SO, if you want to comment, you can use your google account OR open ID OR just click the "name/url" option and enter your name for the comment {you dont have to have a google account}.  heck, if you really want to be fully anonymous you can enter in the word "anonymous" for name. :)

fingers crossed this will keep the ridiculous spammers at bay.

see yall next week!

edited to add: ok nevermind. if i take off the anonymous option then you cant post with just your name, either.  SO, im adding word verification back.  i know several of you have told me your computer wont display the word you are supposed to verify.  grrr.  maybe it wont do that anymore.  i dont know what to do, i just cant deal with these ridiculous spammers! 


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  1. I just added a new comment forum on my blog bc i was soooo tired of blogger's comment thingy! So many people told me they didn't comment bc it was "too complicated" which is ridiculous...but i guess some people are just really not computer savvy. Check out the disqus one I have on mine..not sure if it will be any better but I was getting frustrated with people too! (word verification is not on the disqus one)


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