thats exactly how i feel everytime my girls and i get together.
a big deep breath.

its amazing - being around people who know you as well as, if not better than in some cases, your own family. they know all my stories, all my past, all my crazies, all my personality traits, they know how i will respond to something or think of something before i have a chance to think of it myself.

and to aid in the over-quoting-of-movie-lines cause,
they complete me

i feel so blessed to have them in my life...and so lucky that even as we live in three different cities and continue to grow {up} and change, our friendship remains rock solid.

sniff sniff tear tear ok done with the sappy
here are some pics!

DSC_0267 copy
roly poly bathing beauty ... just like her brother
DSC_0257 copy
refusing to look at the camera {whats new}
DSC_0264 copy
"no i will NOT look at you mommy"
DSC_0289 copy
grammy grammy {graham as coined by bennett}
DSC_0299 copy
holy mother of drool
DSC_0302 copy
the best pic we could get of the two of them.  and i know you hate that bib, kat....but it comes with the reflux-baby territory. {bennett had one too}
love at first touch
DSC_0309 copy
that is if he will ever let go of his beloved sophie
DSC_0320 copy
my beautiful girlses
{snatched from kats facebook}
DSC_0314 copy
i love the beach.  do not look directly at the sun as i do believe it will damage your vision.

we decided our next gathering will be sans chil-rens.

cant wait girls! :)



  1. What gorgeous pictures! Of course, you had great subject matter! So glad you enjoyed your visit! Love ya'll, La

  2. what a fun weekend. all those babies are scrumptious! & that sunset is ah-mazing

  3. My, y'all look even more beautiful AFTER college days! Loved the interacting baby pictures and gorgeous sunset! Sounded like a perfect weekend.

  4. Emory and B hold their mouths in similar ways...and I love Em's fists :)

    Cute babies and pretty mamas...so fun!

  5. can't wait for emory and graham's wedding!!

  6. Your posts always bring a tear to my eye! I had such a great time. Emory is a doll, and Bennett is the bestest big brother in the world!

  7. What a perfect weekend. I can still hear Bennett saying "No no Grahamy Grahamy, we don't hit!"


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