still here

hey friends

we are still here - just fighting off the same winter cold everyone seems to have right now. of course bennett is the one who brought it home - and was sick for all of a day before passing it on to me and going about his way. of course what lasted one day for him has lasted a week for me - but thankfully emory and stephen are fine and God willing will stay that way!

so needless to say i havent felt like doing much of anything this past week, much less being at a computer for anything more than work! {and streaming a few episodes of "the tudors" off netflix}. its amazing how the house can be spotless on thursday and then turn into a area of complete disaster just a mere two days later! its almost to the point of overwhelming me, so i better get busy before all the stuff decides to take permanent residence.

im planning on getting my sickly household back on track this week, making some homemade chicken noodle soup, helping bennett make his take-home-project snowman {finally}, and sewing the ties onto emory's bumpers {yes thats right...both the bumpers and the ties have been complete since before she was born...bout time to git r done wouldnt you say?}

i have a short week this week, as two {make that three} of my favorite people are coming down and we are heading to the beach for a long girls weekend {with a couple little boys in the mix}.  i cant wait!

ill be back again this week im sure before i leave - hope everyone has a great monday!

stay WELL!



  1. Sounds like a girls' weekend is just what you need! Hope the cold fades into the sunset! :-) Love ya'll, La

  2. Feel better soon!!! And please post your chicken noodle soup. I'm dying for easy, yummy soup recipes!

  3. Have fun this weekend!!! so much fun:)


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