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2010 - what a year you were, but i am feeling REFRESHED with this new one we are ushering in.  for the first time in, oh i dont know, THREE MONTHS i feel like my head is above water and i can finally breathe the sweet air.
for the first time in my entire life i am relieved that all the holidays are over.
i know...crazy.
but this lover of halloween was THRILLED when that insane week was over.
and while i am usually moping around the house mid january still refusing to take christmas down and pack it away, i am happy to say my house is undecorated and clean and has been so since two days after christmas.
and i feel ALIVE

DSC_1747 copy
2010 was a fabulous year...and the past three months in particular have been unreal.
the birth of our precious babe now gives us one more thing to pack into an already eventful season of holidays, football, hunting, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

DSC_1653 copyspeaking of birthdays, i think this one had quite the fun one:
DSC_1532 copy
{with a breakfast of "marshmallow cereal" and quaker oat squares, per request}

his birthday party was another at-home one, but this time we rented a bouncy house {huge hit} and gifted the main entertainment....a super duper swing set {which has helped bennett get over his insane fear this past year of swinging...now he loves it}.
DSC_0199 DSC_0250
DSC_0274on his actual birthday i decided to make it a day where bennett ruled the roost: we met my sis at an indoor bouncy house place
DSC_1563 copy
DSC_1564 copy
{despite the message this picture sends, i think she enjoyed herself.  i just thought this pic was funny}

we ate lunch at zaxbys where he had CHOCOLATE MILK to drink and a handful of m&ms from the 25 cent machine on the way out.  he then WATCHED A MOVIE in the car on the way home...where he did NOT take a nap but watched the little mermaid and played on his playground instead.
dinner was meatball sandwiches and birthday cake.
a great success id say.

and then we had what was, in my book, a perfect new years eve and new years day:
low key day around the house, family dinner of homemade chicken pot pie {recipe post coming soon},
DSC_1711 copy
a tall glass {or two} of a nice "special occasion" wine,
DSC_1700 copy
birthday cake dessert, in bed by 10:30, ringing in new yorks new years then calling it a night.
{wow how life has changed!} 

i even remembered to turn my phone to "phone only" so as not to be disturbed by the bbms and texts i knew i was to receive by the other three women in my family :)

and today, stephen took bennett to see the movie "tangled" {which bennett refers to now as "the princess and her man"?} and i watched the last few mini series episodes of "the pillars of the earth" streamed to my computer off netflix. {so good by the way - read the book, too}

its been a great start to this fresh start year...

i have two main "resolutions" {if you will} for 2011, the first being
simple as that.
i mean clean out closets {ALL of them}, organize all my sewing/fabric STUFF, do that whole "throw it out if you havent used/worn it in two years" thing;
basically PURGE.
a lot is accumulated in a house after living here for almost 5 years and/or having two kids.
i think one of the most enticing things about having our house on the market was the fact that i would get to throw away a bunch of stuff when we moved.  i used to be quite nostalgic and save everything {product of my raisin'} but being married to stephen has made me a big fan of living a de-cluttered life.
since we arent moving, im hoping our little renovations will help with this.
i plan on having a garage sale right before we start all the renovating and then donate what we dont sell. the thought makes me so excited i can hardly stand it. 
so, #1 on the 2011 agenda:

the next one is
DSC_1755 copy
{and i shall be using this as my shining example of perfect health}

i never really "got back on the wagon" of health between bennett and emory.  i used to be so GOOD about what i ate/how much i worked out. notsomuchanymore. i am weak.

so    weak

i look forward to more regular gym visits, more yoga {oh i miss yoga...}, more running, more vegetables, more sleep.
hopefully resolution #1 will help with the more sleep thing, as an organized life will possibly result in a clearer, less-racing mind at night.
{fingers crossed}

i also hope to blog more regularly, mainly because i love it, but also bc when i slack it all gets so overwhelming and i stress about all there is to "catch up on the blog".

so here we are.
a fresh start to a year of new possibilities.

cant wait to see what you have in store!

DSC_1581 copy
{definitely more of this...definitely}



  1. that last picture is SNUGGLY!

    i had such a good time at the bounce house w/ yall! (& i snapped that pic of em crying when u & b were in the bathroom... haha)

    I think 2010 has been awesome & cant wait to see what 2011 brings! let me know if you need organization help :)

  2. Dear Natalie,

    You and me we are so much alike it's crazy, we would totally be BFF if we lived close!! Happy Birthday to sweet Bennett, and that playground/swingset rocks girl!!!

  3. Oh my! I am so impressed by your ALREADY organized self! Seems to me you have it allllll together....the stuff that matters, anyway! :-) Happy family, precious children, good health....we've got it all, don't we? Happy New Year! Love ya'll, La

  4. that pot pie does look delish...recipe to follow SOON i hope :)
    all those little sweet babes look delish as well

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  6. my goodness, Em is looking so old! And beautiful :)
    I'm with you on the resolutions, those being the SAME departments I'm wanting to work on.
    That chicken pot pie looks scrumptuous.
    Happy New Year!

  7. Love all the pics, Emory and Bennett are so precious! I would love the pot pie recipe as well, craving some homemade goodness!


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