the beach and the babes

this weekend some friends and i had a night away from the kiddos at the beach.
and this is the only picture i have
well, i had a couple more but you really dont want to see them. :)
they are all of us at 9:30 in the morning, without any makeup, after staying up way too late the night before, after an almost three hour dinner.

one night together wasnt long enough, and we are definitely staging a repeat in the near future!

bennett all but body slammed me when i got home and woke him up from his nap on sunday...with words spewing out of his mouth so fast i could only pretend i was keeping up.

i heard something about how there was a train near daddys office that couldnt go because it didnt need to hit the back of the train in front of it and then there was a mad dash right past me screaming "and we got you more milk momma come with me and look at the milk its in the refrigerator you ran out of milk but we got you some more and here it is mommy i cant open the door uuuugggggggh ok there it is mommy look right there its some milk we got you....

are you thirsty?".


i have never in my life heard such.


em bop decided begrudgingly that she would take the bottle while i was gone but even after a full 30 hours without me she still doesnt like the looks of that imposter.
sweet girl.

DSC_0092 copy

its ok.
i am happily at your beck and call...just know that the bottle and you are going to become great friends soon enough.

DSC_0119 copy

you must.

DSC_0125 copy

both kids had well baby check ups last week.  they had two shots each and did surprisingly well {vs. the last time they both had shots}.
DSC_0145 copy

bennett is just above average for height and just under 75% for weight {36lbs, i dont remember his height}.
DSC_0108 copy

that being said i think hades just froze over because according to our pediatrician i somehow produced a "petite" baby...emory is in the 50% for weight - a little over 13lbs.
yes you read that right. {"petite" and "natalie" were never used in the same sentence.  i was the largest, roly poly-est of my parents children and proudly sported a rotund toddler belly long after the toddler years.}
but she is 90% for height...i think 25.5 inches.

DSC_0188 copy

im having to completely relearn how to buy clothes for her as she does NOT wear a size larger than her age {while her brother often wore TWO}.
despite being, ahem, petite she has the best sugar and i am one lucky lady that i get to partake

DSC_0192 copy



  1. Nat these pictures are so great!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the lens/camera/nat's mad skills combo

    Best night I've had in a loooong time, cant wait to do it again! Can I hold Em bop all day tomorrow?

  2. goodness bennett looks so much like you in some of the pics and emory- so much like bennett!
    and yes embop is a feminie dainty little thing :)

    love them!! cant wait to babysit tomorrow night!

  3. AND i love that story about the milk...too cute

  4. You have the most beautiful babies! And I love the milk story too-hilarious!

  5. The milk story is so cute as are the pictures of your babies!!

  6. Precious babies!!!! I'm glad y'all had a fun on your girls night. We have one planned next weekend and i can't wait!

  7. aw man no pics with the girls?! well the baby pics made up for it. loved the story w bennett ab when you got home.
    i really need to spend more time w/ embop... she is just beautiful!

  8. Nat-I think that em looks so much like you:) especially the one of her on her tummy in her little white dress!!:)

  9. cute, cute pics of your kids on the bed. and your son can totally rock the underwear look :)

    Hope all is well. Nothing like catching up with good/old friends!


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