the final rose

its valentines day, im watching the bachelor, researching anguilla {um vacation anyone?}, sippin on some vino with the hubs.

we tried {unsuccessfully} to get emory to take a bottle again tonight, but when i dejectedly escaped from her room i found this
{yes thats a rose in a decanter of wine and my....11th? homemade card :)}
and a little 3 year old soooooo excited to show me his card.
he screamed "happy thanksgiving!" when daddy got home today.

stressful bottle feeding attempts = no homemade fried chicken, rice and gravy, black eyed peas as planned for my favorite valentine.

but there's nothing wrong with v-day old el paso right?


while im kind of "eh?" about valentines day, i do believe no day should pass without telling the ones you love that you do indeed love them...and i love any excuse to make regular ole mondays special mondays.

so happy v-day to YOU and now i think i will help myself to another SLICE of cookie cake
{this makes three...im not going to lie...it might be gone tonight...my college roommates will now nod their heads and say "you know thats right"}


  1. Awwww....Happy Valentine's Day to some of my very favorite people! Enjoy alllllllll that cookie cake you want==b/c knowing your group, it really WILL be gone soon! Love ya'll, La

  2. Sweet boys!! I'm bummed Em didn't like her new bottles :(

  3. oh my that rose in the decanter is quite sassy of stephen. love that boy and how for the past 34,726 years he has made you a homemade card :)
    sorry em is giving you problems with the bottle! it will get easier i'm sure!

  4. We ate at the Mexican restaurant last night with Sipsey in tow and my mom. I don't care that much about V-day. We all know that our loved ones love us!

  5. i absolutely love your rose in the decanter. happy belated love day!

  6. I remember your getting that first homemade Valentine from Stephen! Bennett has a good teacher :)


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