first, a recipe of some hearty but easy crock pot beef stroganoff:
the original was found online and only called for a couple ingredients.  i changed it up a bit and here is how it turned out:

combine the following ingredients in a crock pot:
1lb cubed beef stew meat or sirloin tips
1 {10.75oz} can cream of mushroom soup
1 packet soup mix {i used onion-mushroom but im sure any of those would work}
1 can sliced mushrooms
1/2 onion, chopped
1/4 cup water
2 T worcestershire sauce
garlic powder
salt and pepper

cook for 5 or so hours on high, or 8 hours on low setting.

mix with 1/2 c sour cream {or more if youre feeling brave}

serve over egg noodles {do not mix the noodles with the stroganoff unless you plan on eating it all that night...the noodles will disintegrate if left in the crock pot for too long}
DSC_0461 copy

hearty and delicious {and easy...did i say easy? :)}

and now, a hearty book

this weekend my mom, sister rachel, emory and i made a last minute trip to new orleans to try on wedding dresses...for rachel of course.  we had an hour or so to spare so we ventured to nearby magazine street and spent the entire hour on ONE BLOCK...in three stores.  {seriously yall i could easily spend a whole weekend perusing through the shops on this street. we didnt even make it NEAR where stephen and i shopped on our anniversary trip}.  i ended up finding a lamp for our den as well as this amazing book:
 DSC_0494 copy

something that combines my PASSION with my PASSION?
too good to be true.
its by a local author/designer in new orleans and the pages are filled heartily with fabulously inspiring interiors, as well as fabulously inspiring prayers, commentary, verses, and thoughts.
strangely enough i just recently wrote a post for mobile bay magazine online again {to be posted in march}, and the topic i wrote about was making your home more than just "one note," designing based on how you live, and living what you love.  it allllll ties in.  and i dont believe in coincedences, i wholeheartedly believe this is the way God speaks to us...and this book is such a wonderful reminder of what and WHO we are to build and decorate our lives FOR - all to glorify him and not ourselves.
so humbling and beautiful.
and quite hearty


and now, because what good is a post about hearty things when it does not include one of the heartiest parts of my...heart...as she experiences the goodness of rice cereal for the first time:

here i am lookin all cute and happy and such
DSC_0434 copy

for real yall, i am relaxed and content
DSC_0449 copy

wait a minute...what is this? and what is THAT?
DSC_0451 copy

DSC_0441 copy
DSC_0444 copy

too late.  it happened. yall asked for it


  1. Triple like! Great post. I can't wait to put your post for March up! I so want to do it now...But I won't;) Love the E pics!

  2. Food looks YUMMY and that precious girl, even YUMMIER. Of course the book looks great too; love the scripture tie-ins! And the pictures!!

  3. What a cool book! I can't wait to see it! :-) Laughing sooooo at the Emory pics! I think that's a common reaction to such a new texture, but the chronicalogical pix are priceless! I sure am loving your new camera! And love ya'll, La

  4. What a beautiful book - it speaks to the heart and soul on so many levels. Cute Emory pics; that texture takes some getting used to! Love yall!

  5. i wouldnt want to eat something that looked like that either!!
    love that book too, and my newly purchased wedding dress :)

  6. THanks for the recipe, I've been craving stroganoff this week! Cute babe as always.

  7. My sister in law gave me that book for Christmas and I think it was all time favorite gift. So beautifully written.

  8. You must have been reading my mind... been looking for a new crock pot recipe AND/or a beef stroganoff recipe all day. thank you, my friend. and that Emory sure IS a sweetie!

  9. o yes that beef stroganoff is delicious!
    i would love to thumb through that new book.
    and emory is delicious as usual :)

  10. Love the post...Emory is such a cutie. Love you all, Aunt Eliz

  11. What a great post!!! She is too cute for words!!!

  12. LOVE the rice cereal series- I'm cracking up at this, and her commentary :)
    Also dig the Little Prince outfit.


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